Renew passport- send in passport from other country?

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avenueq Fri 15-Jan-21 16:03:28

I just went online to renew my son's passport and it says I have to send in his old passport and his passport from his other nationality - why? Makes me nervous he won't have any passport then for a while! Any experiences?

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Hanab Fri 15-Jan-21 16:21:55

They need to do checks and they make the old UK passport unusable they don’t do anything to the other countries passport ( forgot whats the term) pay a little extra for the return of the old passports as a precaution.

Not too long to wait .. 4-6 weeks

Presumably you won’t be needing it at the minute

avenueq Fri 15-Jan-21 16:24:07

Ok no worries
Strangely my adult daughter didn't have to?

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