Will my baby change?

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CupidNeedsANewJob Sun 23-Sep-18 12:14:54

My DD is half turkish. I'm British dark blonde hair, blue eyes, dad turkish with dark hair, brown eyes and skin that his very dark in the sun (naturally quite white). She's 5 months now, when she was born she had quite dark brown hair, which has now changed to a dark blonde, but sometimes it looks quite dark and in the sun it looks very blonde. Her eyes seem very blue some days and other days they look slightly grey and when you look at her to the side they look like they have some sort of greeny/browny tint, does anyone have any experience with this, does this mean her eyes are going to change? I actually really like the colour of her eyes, but I'm curious. And I'm guessing her hair will change? Her dad was very light until he was about 5 years old. So does that mean she will have dark hair, do you think?
I've heard that dark hair/eyes/skin are usually the stronger gene so I was surprised to see her with all of my features. But when I saw pictures of her dad when he was a child I wasn't so surprised then, I guess.

Either way my daughter is beautiful but I'm just bored on a Sunday while she naps and was wondering if anyone had any children who changed completely.
I realise my post has made her sound like a chameleon or something Hahah with all the colours I described. I'm just used to British babies with blonde hair and blue eyes cos that's all that's in my family. They're all beautiful.
smile thanks.

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BunsOfAnarchy Tue 25-Sep-18 22:53:56

My neice had grey/green eyes till she was about 3. Now they're hazel.
Her little brother has same grey/green eyes but hes 1.
They can change. For the record my neice and nephew have parents who are both indian with brown eyes. The grey/green gene is from my mums family who have a mix of hazel and grey eyes in all her siblings.

At the same time my DD was born with pitch black hair and now at 5 months its light brown. Nothing like how she was born.

Ive always noticed babies hair and eye colour always seems to change in the first couple years.

tarheelbaby Sat 20-Oct-18 13:58:32

Colouring is fascinating!

DH is English and I am US. He has sandy/light brown hair and blue-grey eyes. Almost all his relatives have blue/grey eyes with a few hazels. I have light brown hair which lightens in the sun and brown eyes. My parents both have dark hair. My mother has dark hazel eyes and my dad's are amber/whiskey coloured. Both their mothers had blue eyes. My sister was blond but darkened to light brown. She has green/grey/blue eyes.

DD1 had red hair at birth and now is strawberry blond : think marmalade with orange peel - all very streaky and swirly. Her eyes turned bright blue in the first day or two after birth (certainly before we left hospital) and now they are changeable: green or silver gray and have yellow in them too. She has the kind of skin you'd expect for a redhead - very white and some freckles. Although I have dark hair, I have that kind of skin too.

DD2 has dark brown eyes and med brown hair. When she was an infant/baby her eyes were a muddy, murky colour and took awhile to become properly brown. Since her dad has grey/blue eyes and mine are med brown, hers are not as dark as African or Asian brown eyes but the colour is very regular (compared to mine which are mottled like hazel eyes). Her skin is a slightly darker tone than mine like DH's and his mum's, she can tan a little rather than burn straight away. Like mine, her hair lightens up a lot in the sun and develops blond streaks.

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