Having a family in a different country to your own family

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Emeralda1993 Thu 23-Nov-17 10:13:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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TheMamaYo Thu 23-Nov-17 10:25:27

My family is 8000 miles away. Damn hard sometimes, but nothing that you can't overcome.

It made me extremely independent, as no one else is near to help out with bits and bobs. I am sometimes sad that my children don't have the big family experience.

On the other hand, we keep in touch via whatsapp, my children gets treated like near royalty when we visit my family! And I am really able to parent in my own way, which is vastly different from what my parents did.

Your partner might feel different once you have a family. Priorities change with time.

Emeralda1993 Thu 23-Nov-17 10:32:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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misscph1973 Thu 23-Nov-17 10:43:51

I'm from Denmark. we moved over here when DC were little. It was my idea. My DH is British. I do miss my family, but they are not that far away and I love it when they visit and we visit them. Many of my family members live abroad or have lived abroad, so we are all used to it. My DS lives in Norway. Despite the distance my DC have a very strong bond to my family.

I am now getting a divorce, and it's really hard to be so far away from my family at the moment. I don't feel terribly attached to/welcome in England anymore because of Brexit, but I can't imagine going back home either.

I guess it depends on how much involvement you want from your family. Some people expect childcare from grand parents. It's important to align your expectations so that you don't get disappointed.

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