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Liverpool area mums

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Babyboy15 Tue 24-Jan-17 15:57:12


Just moved to a new area so looking for fellow mums to befriend.

I don't know anyone in the area so would be good to get to know some people.

I have a 14 month old boy who is pretty much the centre of my life.

Hopefully looking for play dates, coffee meet ups and whatever else.

I'm Asian muslim mum x

Living in the Liverpool area smile

Cally72 Thu 09-Mar-17 09:59:48

Hi Babyboy whereabouts in Liverpool are you? I've a 14 month old little boy & a nearly 3 year old little boy they are also the centre of my world. I find that getting out as much as possible with them keeps them stimulated & happy. Play centres, parks, farms etc...I can give you an idea of some good places I've come across. Do you have own transport? X

MrsSiba Thu 13-Apr-17 05:37:48

Hi Babyboy15

Hope you have settled in and enjoying life on Merseyside. I am a fellow Asian Muslim mum living in Liverpool with dd who has just turned 2.

Babyboy15 Tue 03-Oct-17 22:04:52

Hey sorry for the very late reply. Just gotten back to using this. My son's now 22 months (almost 2!) Oh how time flies. I've finally settled into the area. I'm not too far from the city and rely on buses at the minute. Where about in Liverpool areas are you from?x

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