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BF at a muslim marriage ?

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katwith3kittens Wed 21-Feb-07 09:22:17

I am taking my 8 week baby to a wedding this weekend and I was wondering what the etiquette on BF in public would be? I am a kind of get them out anywhere girl !

I am a white christian btw and just dont want to cause any offense at such an important event. I dont know the family that well to ask their advise.

It is at a large venue so there will be rooms available I'm sure where I can be a bit more discreet.


SSShakeTheChi Wed 21-Feb-07 11:04:34

I don't know what the etiquette is but I would take a lacy shawl type thing and drape it over one shoulder whilst bf. I mean drape the shawl first, and then start to bf. That way no one sees anything but the baby is getting air and light. I doubt anyone would be offended by it.

admylin Wed 21-Feb-07 11:09:10

Some of my muslim relatives wear heads carves and long tunics and I've seen them just put the baby right under the dress or scarf when feeding but depends what sort of wedding it is. A strict muslim wedding would be seperate any way so you would be in the womens room and the men would be elsewhere.

katwith3kittens Wed 21-Feb-07 11:54:27

Thanks, I had thought about taking a shawl or a scarf for that purpose.

We attended their sons wedding a few years back and I remember quite a lot of the men being in a different room as you say, but others stayed in the main hall.

I'm sure I'll manage the situation appropriately.

As an aside can you tell me what 'Barat' 'Nikkah' and 'Rukhsati' translate to from the wedding program

layla100 Thu 22-Feb-07 15:08:03

as far as i am aware, breastfeeding is encouraged in muslim communities and as long as you cover the feeding with a shawl, then that should be acceptable. in some traditional muslim countries it's acceptable to BF when males are around, but i have noticed other communities are a bit more sensitive about it, and the men will feel awkward and leave. so there's no set rule.

nikkah is the original muslim ceremony and is the contractual marriage between a couple.

baraat is a concept from the sub-continent and prevalent in hindu weddngs as well. its when the groom and the groom's side of the family arrive at the wedding ceremony.

rukhsati - again is a hindu concept but also prevalent in many asian muslim marriages. when the bride leaves with the groom and is taken to become part of his family.

amidaiwish Thu 22-Feb-07 15:57:00

i have one of these and it is fantastic, totally discreet - no one can see a thing! here

katwith3kittens Tue 27-Feb-07 13:12:24

Thanks for your advice. We had a lovely time and didnt feel awkward at feeding time at all.

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