Any mothers of mixed race children in Manchester?

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Cancerian Thu 18-Jan-07 22:39:43

I appreciate that this is not the meet up thread but it would be nice to meet with mothers who are in mixed race relationships/ and have children that live in Manchester. If you are out there let me know.

Bye for now.

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Mum2boys3 Fri 19-Jan-07 18:43:46

Hi im not from manchester but the south west, i have two children 1 on the way they are white - caribbean i have been with their farther for two years (im white btw) id like to chat steph

Cancerian Sat 20-Jan-07 11:20:04

Hello Mum2boys3, hope you are well. Where abouts in the South West are you? Hope your pregnancy is treating you well. I am a mum of one, I have a daughter who is 2. No doubt I will catch up with you again on this or another thread.

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Mixedbiscuits Sun 21-Jan-07 00:34:57

hey cancerian, im not manchester based anymore. i lived up there for 5 years, i loved it. im back in the east midlands now. i have a daughter 21 month old. I myself am mixed (black/white) and my partner is black. So dd is really mixed but is as light as me. Is there anything in particular u wanted to chat about? its gud to chat.

Cancerian Sun 21-Jan-07 11:54:51

Hi Mixedbiscuit,

Shame you have moved away. I was using this opportunity to get to know and meet up with some mums that live locally with similar family make up as myself but it is proving difficult. I will keep trying. I used to live in the West Mids before moving up here so we have done it the other way round. Hope you are enjoying the East Mids.

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zakismum Mon 22-Jan-07 12:37:15

Hi Cancerian

I am in manchester & have a 5 week old baby. My husband is from N. Africa & I would love to meet up with other mothers

Let me know

Cancerian Mon 22-Jan-07 20:09:49

Hi Zakismum,

Congrats on the birth of your baby. I bearly remember those days now. Hope you are doing ok. Great to get a response from Manchester -

Well it is early days yet and let's see if we can get a group going for the Multicultural mums in Manchester. Keep checking the progress and with any luck we can organise a get together. Thanks for your interest.

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Dofeellikedancing Tue 30-Jan-07 23:11:44

Hi Cancerian, I moved from the the west mids (Dudley) and now live in chorley, lancashire not too far away. I am mixed race and have 2 amazing girls aged 3 and 9 months. I love to chat!

Cancerian Thu 01-Feb-07 22:05:03


Hope you are enjoying Manchester. Have you found the move here ok? Chorley is quite young and trendy. I was there a few weeks ago going to a shop that I really like called a touch of class. It is quaint. I bought a new mirror for the house.
I don't live too far from there. It will be 3 years this August and I like it here. I prefer it to Birmingham, although I miss the people I left behind. My daughter was born here. I seem to be moving further north having started out in London.

Anyway, I hope that we can do a meet up for Manchester mums, but you are only the second person for the region. Fingers crossed we get some more responses. Chat soon.

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ezridax Tue 20-Feb-07 00:07:37

Hi all, i am not a mother of a mixed race child but am a new(ish) mother who lives in south manchester. My son is 5 months old.
I guess we're a multicultural family. I'm afro caribbean, my hubby is somali and my son is a bit of both.
I've lived in Manchester my whole life but i know there are many places i've never ventured.
Be nice to talk to you all

Cancerian Mon 12-Mar-07 17:43:31

Bump this up as we want more Manchester mums

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vvvvvvv Fri 16-Mar-07 20:36:42

soz not a manchester mom but have a mixed race child, hello every1 on hearxxfrom london

Cancerian Fri 23-Mar-07 11:37:29

Hi all,

I have had a look at the meet-up thread for mums in Manchester and that too is like a ghost town. I thought may be if we all met up from both these threads we would have a good number of us. What do you think? I work part-time and I am free on Friday's and Mondays, otherwise it would have to be the weekend. What do you think? Let's try and arrange something dependent on everyone's availability. Please drop a line

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pjsmum Sat 24-Mar-07 18:44:28

Hi I'm in Stockport so not too far from south manchester. I'm mixed race dp is white with a 2 year old dd. get in touch if you'd like to chat

Cancerian Sat 24-Mar-07 19:16:36

Hello pjsmum,

Always glad to see another mum. I'm not far from you at all. Would you be interested in doing a meet up? I am hoping some of the other mums who originally posted will read this and perhaps join forces. I just think it is nice to link up with mums with something in common so to speak. Let me know. What is your availability? spk soon.

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pjsmum Tue 27-Mar-07 18:56:57

Hi I work full time so its only weekends that i'm free. Let me know when you are available one weekend

zakismum Mon 09-Apr-07 19:05:34

I'd also like to meet up so let me know if you arrange anything. (I'm in S. M/cr - near the airport)

UmSami Thu 09-Aug-07 02:21:57

Hi All, can I come too?!

I'm in Worsley, have a 16 month old son, my hubby originates from North Africa
(zakismum, sounds like we have something in common!)

Cancerian Sat 11-Aug-07 09:56:20

Hi all,

Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you all. I was just checking the number of responses. The weather has now greatly improved and it would be great to meet up. I am just south of Manchester, where would the best meet up point be for us all? as I am unsure where you all live.

I will see how many respond and take it from there.

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chiklicx Sun 09-Mar-08 03:06:44

Hi, don't know if you're still watching this thread - but if you are, i live in manchester and have a 6 month old DS. Did you manage to get people to meet up?

jaz236 Mon 10-Mar-08 16:20:57

im south mcr aswell, my hubbi is white and im indian, and we have the most gorgeous 3 month old bambino boy - would love to meet

Tash75 Wed 12-Mar-08 14:26:44

My husband and I are white foster carers of a mixed race (black African/white British) 20 month old girl. We live in a very white area and would love to meet up with some other mixed families. We live in East Manchester but can travel. Weekends would work best for us.

suncream Wed 12-Mar-08 14:33:43

Hi,I've just seen this thread.
I live in Manchester & have an 18 mo child, whose dad is Indian. We's love to meet up too

suncream Wed 12-Mar-08 14:35:03

Oops - 'we'd' I mean. Small child climbing all over keyboard

chiklicx Fri 14-Mar-08 00:54:58

seems like the rest of the thread is from last year but we could try and arrange a meet up maybe over the easter holidays somewhere central, any ideas?

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