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Staciemoran32 Tue 16-Feb-16 20:03:52

I know an Asian couple who can't hav children as a couple so are breaking up due to the woman my friend failing 8 attempts of Ivf is it wrong that I want to be a surrogate and carry their child for them I'm English

makingmiracles Tue 16-Feb-16 20:10:23

I don't think surrogacy is the way forward if they are splitting because she cannot give him a child!

Surrogacy is something that should only happen when two people are in a long term solid relationship. The relationship doesn't sound very solid(or loving) if he's jumping ship because she can't carry a child.

Much bigger issues here.

Do you know anything at all about surrogacy even?

Have you thought of all the possible senarios this could go wrong?

Staciemoran32 Thu 18-Feb-16 22:28:07

I'm sorry I didn't explain fully they hav been happily married for 18 yrs and hav tried so long for a baby... 8 Ivf fails and so much heartache. They both agreed to split because my friend said she thinks he deserves a family and she's sorry she can't giv him that. I feel so much as I've seen how much heartache they hav gone thru. They were a lovely couple and it breaks my heart seein this happening to my friends wen people who don't deserve children don't care about em and stil keep having kids. I offered to carry there child for them but it's against there religion as they Muslim. I just wish I cud help life's so unfair thankssad

QOD Thu 18-Feb-16 22:36:27

Well ... all sounds a bit off if you ask me

Announcing you'll be a surrogate for someone is all well and good. But did you offer your own eggs? Ie straight surrogacy wheré its his sperm and your natural conception (not via sex but via a turkey baster equiv) ?
In which case maybe he doesn't want YOUR genepool / ethicicity

or did you offer host surrogacy? Her egg and his sperm fertilised and put in you? The latter is no more successful than hwr having ivf unless it's her actual womb/cervix/genes/what ever stopping her.

I speak from experience as someone offered to be a host surrogate for me, my eggs etc, but why would I do that? I'd rather keep trying with me ...
I actually have a daughter thru surrogacy but she's "straight". My bff offered

It's really truly an amazing thing to offer but lots of people don't either understand or actually wouldn't accept it

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