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Court over living with new partner who is Muslim

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Bev1992 Mon 14-Dec-15 18:49:13

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Court and bringing up daughter in Muslim household.2
Today 18:41 Bev1992

If anyone has any knowledge about this. Me and my daughters father separated back earlier this year.he has a new gf and I have A new a.these are the circumstances..
My ex partner(father to my daughter) know/knew I was with this man,I'll call him mr a, who I've known for a very long time and happens to be Muslim. My ex had been racist towards him and has caused lots of problems and worries for I decided to make things easier to end the relationship with mr a. I know I want to be with mr a, we both want children and marriage ect (one thing my ex didn't want) but he has said he does not want our daughter being brought up in a Muslim house hold and would be willing to go to court over it.
I myself, am not Muslim and yes if we had cchildren they would be...but in regards to my daughter she would not be brought up Muslim and would have a choice when she is older. Mr a is also very excepting of her and says the same as it would be her choice when she is older and it wouldn't be forced on her.she would also not be brought up different to her brothers and sister and we would never say that they were only half siblings.
I want to be with this man but I've been so worried ect about the out come I've ended the relationship. Does anyone where he would stand on the matter if we did ever live together? He has only been registered on her birth cert for 3 months and hasn't been around much as his work ect and social life.ive always been the main person in her life but he is finiancially better of than me. What writes would he have to say he doesn't want her to live me with me as my partner is Muslim and we would have Muslim children? Any info would be great as I have no idea what todo for the best as I would never risk potentially loosing my daughter. Thanks

ffffffedup Mon 14-Dec-15 19:38:26

I can't see how your dp religion has anything to do with it whether it was Muslim Jewish Sikh Buddhist Jehovah or Christian!! I can't see any court removing a child for religious purposes and by ending it with your dp you've done exactly what your ex wanted he's still got control over you. As long as your dp isn't violent or into drugs or crime then there's no possible reason why you should end the relationship

Bev1992 Mon 14-Dec-15 19:42:12

Yes you are right . But it worries me so much the thought of loosing my daughter to him. Thanks for your advice

BIWI Wed 16-Dec-15 13:24:28

Why have you posted this three times?!

But more to the point, why on earth would you think this is grounds for losing your daughter? People of different religions get together all the time!

Bev1992 Wed 16-Dec-15 19:57:30

I posted it in three different catagories to get different views/ knowledge. I had read that he does have rights to her religious upbringing but I was not sure to what extent.

DontMindMe1 Sun 06-Mar-16 20:43:47

is 'following' religions and all that just a game to you? do you even understand what you're doing?

you're not muslim but you will allow any future dc of yours to be
you think your dd won't get treated differently - but she will if her and her siblings are subjected to different rules.
Even if you or your dd don't choose to be muslim you will STILL have to defer to your dh's way of doing things,anytime there's a clash his religion and way of doing things will take precedence.

i can't see your new dh being happy with you or your dd walking around bare legged/showing more bare flesh than what he considers is 'decent'/wearing clothes that he considers to be too tight/revealing.
what happens when your dd is old enough for bf? will she be considered a slut by her sdad and siblings because they believe that women shouldn't be behaving like that?
what about non-halal food - will that be banned from the house because islam takes precedence over you?

i'm not surprised your ex is up in arms about this. there is absolutely no way your dd will NOT be affected by any of this. if you want to live your life deferring to somebody else and becoming a different person just because you 'love' them then that's your choice. it isn't fair to force that upon your dd.

muhajaba Wed 15-Mar-17 18:59:01

A court is not going to side with your ex because your DD would share a house with your Muslim partner, you don't have to worry about that.
However I do agree with DontMindMe1 for the most part, and I'm Muslim fwiw.

zzzzz Fri 31-Mar-17 15:39:39

of course he can't remove your child because of this. Be sensible.

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