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Scottsboro Boys & our family

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KatyMac Sun 23-Nov-14 18:08:54

DD is 17,DH is 62, my FIL would have been 101 - he died when I was pregnant with DD

When my FIL was a youth I 'understand' he moved between Jamaica & the southern States of America looking for itinerant work. I assume 'a youth' would be between 16 & 25 - so maybe between 1929 & 1938

Scottsboro Boys was set in 1931 when the 'black boys' were of similar ages

I've seen it twice and each time found it heartbreakingly upsetting; which I guess is because I didn't really think that period of history actually affected my 'immediate' family

I didn't realise how recent this sort of racism is within our family & DD's "ancestors"

sammy90 Wed 26-Nov-14 19:38:45

What a terrible time in history and we still aren't far from it. If you watched the film called the butler. It all tells us about the racism and how recent it has been, which most still remains today but served up in a different manner of today's world. Like why has black people only got 1% in the economy which is shared between Africans and Caribbean's. This needs to change so black people can have grow better because nothing much has changed since slavery. This is wrong and why people need to support and fight for reparations for what has happened to black people ancestors.

Arlagirl Wed 26-Nov-14 19:39:54

Its a very thought provoking piece of theatre.
Going to see it again next week.

sammy90 Wed 26-Nov-14 20:08:38

That's great to hear that the play is being supported still. smile have to have Great acting skills for this moving time in history.

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