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11 year old boy - settling in to UK year 6 - gift ideas?

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Meanderer Wed 17-Sep-14 09:54:26

I have a friend who is returning to the UK this week after living in south america for about 15 years. His wife and son are south american and I'd like to buy the son a small (cheap!) gift to welcome him to the UK, one which will help him connect with his new classmates.
The school is in a largely middle class area, a non religious multicultural school where he won't seem particularly 'exotic' to his classmates but his English isn't very strong and I don't think he will have many common cultural references. I don't think he has much access to a computer though his dad does have a laptop (I'm thinking - minecraft!)
He does play football! :-)
Any ideas?

enderwoman Wed 17-Sep-14 11:26:42

Chocolate is a good way to start learning cultural references. A box of Heroes would be a good way to learn what Milky Way, Maltesters etc are

Sometimes you can find discounted England football clothing in Sports Direct etc. Football team PJs are an affordable alternative to proper football shirts.

enderwoman Wed 17-Sep-14 11:28:13

I've definitely seen the odd selection box in the supermarkets. Full size chocs might be preferable to Heroes which are just one bite.

apieceofmum Thu 06-Nov-14 14:17:54

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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