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CURRY GOAT recipe please ..... And am I mad to attempt it .....

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franch Wed 30-Aug-06 14:58:31

..... as the only white daughter-in-law in a huge Jamaican family? It's DD2's 'welcoming' party on Sat and everyone's pitching in but no one seems to be doing curry goat and no family party is complete without it ......

I've never made it before and of course they're all connoisseurs ...

MrsMuddle Wed 30-Aug-06 15:33:05

Oh, go for it! That sounds delicious. I had goat in Greece once and it was lovely.

speedymama Wed 30-Aug-06 16:40:07

Well this is how I do it. Chop up meat into cubes, chop up onion and couple of cloves of garlic also. Add a couple of table spoons of curry powder (I use Jamaican Dunns River) and mix everything together well. Leave mixture to marinate for 3-4 hours or overnight in fridge.

Add a couple tablespoon of flour to meat mixture (I do this to get a nice thick sauce).

Heat oil in pan and when hot, add meat mixture and brown (do not burn). Add enough water to cover meat, add one potato that has been chopped up into small pieces and either hot Jamaican pepper or chilli (whichever you prefer). Bring to boil, turn down and leave to simmer for 2-3 hours. Top up the water to ensure enough gravy and add salt to taste. I also add chopped carrots about an hour before the end.


suzywong Wed 30-Aug-06 16:42:27

am reading this thread with great interest..I never tried goat in all my 12 years in north london
my best friend's mum (St Kitz) makes a wonderful peas and rice with trotters and dumplings on the side

prettymum Wed 30-Aug-06 16:45:31

ny dp can cook lovely curry goat and its his favourite dish, everytime i have attempted to cook it i can never get the meat tender enough!

MrsBadger Wed 30-Aug-06 16:51:31

I've suffered tough goat too - can be helped by adding yoghurt and/or orange juice to the marinade but make sure meat isn't too wet when you flour it. The acid breaks down the fibres, or something.

speedymama Wed 30-Aug-06 16:52:15

You have to cook to let the curry simmer for a long time for tender meat. I usually do mine for 3 hours and DH, who is white, loves it. If I don't have goat, I use lamb (I find shoulder gives excellent results)

WideWebWitch Wed 30-Aug-06 16:54:11

Sorry for butting in but where do you buy goat then? You never see it anywhere! Franch, I think your dh's side of the family will be pleased you've made the effort so no you're not mad. I've made various curries for ex ILs, who are Indian, ok, so maybe not as good or authentic as MIL would make but hey, so what, they've liked them.

WideWebWitch Wed 30-Aug-06 16:55:05

I've eaten it a long time ago, at Notting Hill Carnival but can't remotely remember it! Like I said, it was a long time ago!

cupcakes Wed 30-Aug-06 16:57:07

I also have only eaten it at Notting Hill Carnival.
Could you speak to one of the Jamaican side of the family for a recipe?

cupcakes Wed 30-Aug-06 16:58:11

They featured goat on The F Word recently - it's very lean so very good for you compared to other red meat.

speedymama Wed 30-Aug-06 17:03:33

Alas WW, you need to go where there is a high West Indian/Asian population to get goat. I go to Lewisham.

Mercy Wed 30-Aug-06 17:03:57

lol at WWW "butting" in. Sorry.

I've only ever seen goat in butchers or markets where there is an Afro-Carribean community. Or occasionally an Asian market - or am I thinking of mutton??

sallystrawberry Wed 30-Aug-06 17:12:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsFio Wed 30-Aug-06 17:16:04

I THOUGHT mutton was a old sheep not a goat

sallystrawberry Wed 30-Aug-06 17:44:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mercy Wed 30-Aug-06 17:47:56

There should be a joke in there but I can't quite work out what it is!

Yes, mutton = sheep

franch Wed 30-Aug-06 21:13:44

Thanks for the recipe speedy Making me hungry actually ....

newmama06 Wed 30-Aug-06 21:47:59

my dh loves curry goat he is italian and i jamaican we always go to my mum for dinner cause he doesnt like the weay i cook my but i cook it just like the way speedy said

moondog Wed 30-Aug-06 21:50:49

God,a goat curry sounds great.
My sister has just moved to the Caribbean so will drop hints when I visit.

I've never seen goat for sale in UK.

SofiaAmes Thu 31-Aug-06 11:16:10

Try greek deli's/stores for goat. Halal butchers too, in pakistani areas.

4kids Thu 31-Aug-06 11:39:39

Heres another recipe for curry goat this is the one i use got it from a west indian cook book seal the cubed meat in a frying pan to seal in the flavour add meat to a large pot with a large chopped onion 3 large table spoons of curry powder (dunns river or grace) 1 finely chopped hot pepper tin of coconut milk & enough stock(chicken or beef) to just cover the meat & cook for 2 to 2 1/2 hours till meat is cooked through & tender if the sauce is to thick you can just keep adding bioled water till its to your liking.If you are cooking for loads of people you will need to cook it for longer & add a bit more of the ingrediants.

Gingerbear Thu 31-Aug-06 11:43:25

you need Marslady - she has a MEAN recipe for goat curry.

MarsLady Thu 31-Aug-06 11:44:15

Hang on I'll look it out!

Gingerbear Thu 31-Aug-06 11:44:50

oops, apologies to others who have posted. No offence meant!

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