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Do you worry about where your DC will fit in?

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sososotired Mon 12-May-14 19:35:37

My DS is a little mix. I'm 1/2african 1/2 western European DH is Eastern European and our bundle of joy was born in the UK.
People are often nice and friendly until they hear my accent and then change. I am "the foreign mum" ok fine yes I am but where does my child fit in? Do these people bring their kids up that racist aswell?

92littlecat92 Tue 20-May-14 09:08:00

I am still expecting my first child, but having worked with children and been a much older sister, in my experience small children are often much more tolerant than their parents.

SavoyCabbage Tue 20-May-14 09:18:22

It's definitely an issue.

I make sure I have books about mixed race of otherwise different families. There are quite a lot on American Amazon.

This one is about being mixed race and it's good. I like the ones where race isn't mentioned like "where's gran"

I draw attention to non conforming families and talk about them.

I try to praise my dds beauty and hair as it is not like their friends.

We experience a steady stream of casual racism as we live in Australia so it comes up often.

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