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Are they mixed race??

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RedCrab Tue 25-Feb-14 07:22:01

This has been really bothering me! I'm 1/2 Indian 1/2 white, my DH is white. Our DC's are light skinned with light brown hair - and we put on the birth certificate that they are mixed. But my stupid GP expressed surprise and said, oh he's only 1/4 Indian.

It really upset me because our heritage is really important to us but it got me thinking - at what point does it stop being considered mixed race? I feel very confused about it all!

Back2Basics Tue 25-Feb-14 07:26:06

I have no idea. If my mixed race dc (half black half white) had children with a white partner I would consider the children mixed but I would consider any dc they had with a white person white.

roundtable Tue 25-Feb-14 07:28:15

Yes they are mixed race.

Take no notice. Gps aren't always the most clued in when it comes to things like that.

I got grilled by the supposed paediatrician GP as he was flabbergasted that my dc are white looking and I'm not.

Their ignorance, not yours.

Impatientismymiddlename Tue 25-Feb-14 07:34:57

Off confuse they are mixed race because they are created from more than one race. Mixed race doesn't just mean 50:50 as back to basics^ would suggest. Saying that they are white because they are only 25% non white heritage isn't correct. Perhaps your doctor was just surprised that they were mixed race as their appearance is just tanned looking, but he should keep his misguided opinions to himself.

Polyethyl Tue 25-Feb-14 07:37:22

This happened to a friend of my mother's. .... Back in the 1960s (so before dna testing) a smart white surrey girl married a smart white surrey lad at a society wedding. 9 months later a chinese baby was born. Cue uproar, accusations of adultery, families at war. Until an elderly great aunt spoke up and said that great grandfather had taken a local mistress during the Opium wars back in the Victorian era. So the family looked white and had forgotten that they were actually mixed race.

trampstamp Tue 25-Feb-14 13:34:17


HeartsTrumpDiamonds Tue 25-Feb-14 13:35:30

Polyethyl how very interesting

RedCrab Thu 27-Feb-14 12:06:04

Thanks everyone - it's pretty much what i thought - i just couldn't believe the breathtaking ignorance of the GP!

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