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SquidgyMummy Mon 17-Feb-14 05:41:13

Have you seen this website?

I am currently on holiday in my parent's native country with 3yo DS (who is half asian - half english) I amazed at how many young dual heritage there are here on holiday - 3rd generation; i guess.

(If I've got it right First generations (my parents age) emigrated to the UK, 2nd generation like me were born in the UK and like my siblings and many friends married White British people) and our children 3rd Generation have dual heritage.

I was looking for mixes other than just standard English + something else, and came across the above site. The mixes are just stunning!

howrudeforme Fri 21-Feb-14 18:50:20

Your link is just photos?

Really? I'm anglo aisian and have been all my life and I'm middle aged -[ my ds is another country added to it (plus my english df is mix of lots of euro countries)

All this means nothing to my ds. He's very proud to be himself really. I agree. He's contantly told by his df and his df family that he is 'that' nationality - he's completely bored by it and turned off. As he said when we was 5 ' I'm not a passport - I'm me' and I totally agree.

my indian mum is totally uninterested in teaching him to be an 'indian' and is equally totally unimpressed by her granchild being part italian.

However, I do think his mixed race heritage is what makes him british rather than indian or french or italian or spanish - because in the UK he has access to the whole lot.

Let's be honest - he wouldn't get the breadth of heritage in other countries.

DS also wishes he were japanese - that's his thing. There you go. Good on him.

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