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Ethnic/black greetings Cards

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UCM Tue 27-Jun-06 17:53:56

One or two of my black/mixed race mates have been moaning to me that when buying a birthday card, the pics of kids are always little blond white girls/boys. So I have started to make little black girls/boys cards.

But I would like to make more cards for black adults. Can anyone on here suggest anything that I could do on the front of the cards that is more afro carribean than stuff you can buy here.

Also if there are any Indian mums on here, can you tell me what sort of stuff you like on cards that you can't buy in mainstream shops.

speedymama Wed 28-Jun-06 07:57:45


My friend made her own card when issuing invites to her wedding. She is black and husband to be was white. The card showed the interlocking of black and white hands and was beautiful. You could try something like that.

I would like to see more cards showing black or mixed race children/adults in a happy positive situation, e.g. baby smiling whilst mother cooing over him (that could be for a new born baby), children playing games etc(birthday card etc).

My advice would be to use your imagination and stay away from the stereo types (e.g. black woman walking on a beach with a headscarf whilst carrying a basket on her head).

Good luck!)

Katymac Wed 28-Jun-06 08:16:56

Girl cards would be easy - brown/black faries and princesses

Boy cards - same as for white boys football football spaceman football - with brown/black people

I'd love a card for DD with faries/ a fairy on it

puddingz Wed 28-Jun-06 16:16:43

I had the same problem. Finding cards with black children/people on them was difficult. I needed a hobby and now make my cards for friends and family now. Any card you would make for a white child should be suitable for a black child. Childrens' interests are universal so follow the normal themes and I'm sure you can't go wrong UCM. Good Luck

N1SEXYTING Wed 09-Aug-06 13:24:53

Check out this company, they specialise in cards to appeal to the Afro-Caribbean communites

twoboysmom Wed 06-Sep-06 14:23:50

I would love to see different combinations of IR, ww/bm, and the children..brown skinned children, mixed raced children...just children with ethnic difference doing what children do. I'd even give them to straight up white people...whynot?

SyriPat Fri 14-Aug-15 15:29:45

Hi ladies, check out .They have a huge range of Black/Mixed Race/Asian cards for all ocassions & for little fairies too ;) Hope this helps smile

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