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Make up for dark skin women

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speedymama Mon 22-May-06 11:59:17

I am Afro-Caribbean with a dark caramel skin tone. I have used Fashion Fair cosmetics in the past. Recently, I decided to spruce myself up for work by wearing more make up other than lipstick. Fashion Fair's foundation is good but pricey and in order to wear foundation 3 days a week I wanted to find something that was cheaper but still provided good coverage.

I've started using Maybelline cream foundation (caramel) and it is not bad. Also, it is readily available unlike cosmetics designed exclusively for black women. I was wondering what other black or Asian women with dark skin use. I still use Fashion Fair but only for special occasions or important meetings.

speedymama Mon 22-May-06 19:51:48

Surely some of you must wear makeup? Any takers please?

Poshpaws Mon 22-May-06 20:01:24

Hi speedymama

Not sure I can help really as I don't wear make up as a rule (only when going out) and my make-up is so old, the info I give you maybe irrelevant.

However, I do have foundation, lipstick, etc from M&S. A few years ago, they launched a range for ethnic women and I love the stuff.

Like I said, they may no longer do it, but i found it cheap but good

What about Iman's stuff, or is that too expensive?

Mercy Mon 22-May-06 20:04:35

I don't wear make-up any more but Body Shop was pretty good, also Bobby Brown. Some M&S stores also do make-up for dark skin tones but tbh I've never tried it.

speedymama Tue 23-May-06 08:33:55

Thanks Poshpaws and Mercy. Where I am (Kent), I have yet to see M&S stock any makeup for darker skins hence I have to travel into London. That's why I tried Maybelline foundation because I can just pop into Boots or Superdrug when I need to stock up. Also, I like the fact that they at least endeavour to provide colours suitable for darker skins unlike the other cosmetic houses.

I think I am going to have to trawl the internet to find an affordable range of makeup for darker skins. I did try an Iman lipstick before but I was unimpressed by the coverage and the aroma lol.

I cannot believe that in 2006 that black women still have this dilemma in this country, particularly if you do not reside in or near a big multicultural area. I sense a business opportunity

Rojak Thu 25-May-06 16:15:15

My friend is Indian and she swears by the Iman stuff.


stitch Thu 25-May-06 16:19:58

im asian, but on the fair side, unless its summer!
i use the benefit paper dolls in the winter, as i think it looks better than the much darker one they recommned. in the summer, i use either suncream, or loose powder as its toohot otherwise

saadia Thu 25-May-06 16:36:04

Hi speedymama, I'm Asian and use Lancome foundation which is brilliant - pricey but it lasts a long time and I use it nearly every day. It's very natural looking.

I've also in the past used Prescriptives foundation which was the right colour but not so good texture. Have also used and liked Clinique. I know they are all expensive but I find that if the foundation is right it makes all the difference and you don't need too much of anything else.

ameli Sat 27-May-06 23:26:27

hi all,

generally dont wear foundation but love my bronzing pearls. I think gives all skin a huge lift then a touch of vaseline on lips and im dne. For special occasiions its all about the eyes, love my shadows and swear by mac, not 2 pricey either. My hubbie recently brought me some make up, from estelauder and i couldnt believe the colors he chose were gorgeous like natural colors, the assistant must have helped him, as he was chossin my birthday prezzie.

JanH Sat 27-May-06 23:32:46

Hannah Pool does a make up column for dark skin every Saturday in the Guardian magazine - links to all of them here

sallystrawberry Sat 27-May-06 23:38:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JanH Sat 27-May-06 23:40:30

Is that Iman Mrs Bowie, ss?

Chandra Sun 28-May-06 00:06:51

I use Estee Lauder Equalizer Foundation (fantastic for combination skins as it moisturised the dry areas while controlling the shine in oily ones), it may seem pricey but it last for ages. Problem is to find a good EL consultant that can choose correctly the right tone for your skin, I have got to some trial and many errors with all my cosmetics and hair colour because they always calculate my "shades" as if I were somewhat more dark than I am. But since I got the right shade I am very happy with it. Have bing using it for the last 4 years (every day) without a single problem.

sallystrawberry Sun 28-May-06 09:24:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

speedymama Tue 30-May-06 12:08:35

Thanks ladies. I had not considered brands like Estee Lauder and Lancome because I thought they only catered for caucasian women. I am relunctant to give my hard earn cash to companies that view women of colour as irrelevant to their branding.

I think I will look at Iman products again too.

Thanks again.

MarsLady Tue 30-May-06 12:20:51

I like Bobbi Brown. Get it from duty free. Lovely stuff. I don't wear make up often but I do like my Bobbi Brown. Must try some of Iman.

Don't like Fashion Fair... too heavy, or at least it was last I tried to wear it.

Kelly1978 Tue 30-May-06 12:25:20

quick hijack - mars, hows the potty training doing?

MarsLady Tue 30-May-06 12:28:23

DT2 fAB!!!!!!!!!!

dt1 using incredible bladder control. Refusing to wee even for locloc. Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly1978 Tue 30-May-06 12:31:04

ooh, keep at it - get out the milkshakes and pour them down him/her (which one is which?!)

MarsLady Tue 30-May-06 12:32:23

DT1 girl
DT2 boy

She showed such promise yesterday. Sigh............

Kelly1978 Tue 30-May-06 12:35:01

ooh, so the puppy is getting the hang of it! Maybe you could put the nappy in the potty to encourage dt1?

MarsLady Tue 30-May-06 12:44:10

I don't know what cod would think of that. I'm in her boot camp. In fact, so as not to continue this hijack... I'm on the Cod..when's your next boot camp thread.

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