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Know any Bengali nursery rhymes?

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girlchick Thu 04-May-06 17:44:35

Hiya. Does anyone know any nursery rhymes in Bengali or Sylheti? Or maybe even in Urdu/Punjabi?

Hausfrau Thu 04-May-06 18:08:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ananyamum Thu 04-May-06 21:37:10

hello girlchick! my mum has just bought a few books back from calcutta for dd (9 mo), they are called 'chora chobi' books. they are great. are you looking for indian bengali rhymes or bangladeshi ones? i have somes indian ones, just let me know!

girlchick Fri 05-May-06 21:49:35

Hiya thanks for your messages.

Ananyamum, I'm really looking for Sylheti dialect nursery rhymes, but Bangladeshi ones are okay too.

Hausfrau, thanks for the link, my DH only knew one of them, but that's why I needed help...he's useless!!!!

Blu Sat 06-May-06 18:20:54

I know Haatima Tim Tim, also on the link belolw - and one other, which I will look for.

Haatima tim Tim has actions to it, too...

Blu Sat 06-May-06 20:14:29

Ok, have remembered the other:
Chol Chol Chol
Uttar goganey badjer madjol
some lines i can't remember,
Cholray cholray chol.


Amra shabai rajah
Amrar shabai raja amar
Amra shabai ra joti...
CAT me with a phone no and i'll attempt to sing them down the phone to you!!!

Why d you want these?

Apols to any sylheti bengali speakers - these are ion my phonetic rendition of how i heard them!!

stitch Mon 08-May-06 02:44:14

errrr, if bengali isnt your first languagge, then shouldnt it be the responsibility of the parent who speaks bengali/ is from bengal to worry about bengali nursery rhymes?

girlchick Thu 11-May-06 09:26:36

Stitch, that's a mean thing to say. I would like my DS to speak Bengali so that he can communicate with his Dada & Dadu. Plus learning 2 languages simulataneously has been shown to make a child more intelligent . Just because I ain't Bengali doesn't mean I shouldn't get involved in all things Bengali.

Thanks Blu, I want them because nursery rhymes help with language development and DS loves all the English ones, so thought we'd try some Bengali ones too!

muffinmum Mon 26-Jun-06 23:55:44

am getting kakima to send some cds from india as when i was born healthvisitor advised my non-indian mum that it was a bad idea to be bilingual from start.we all feel v.sad about it when we visit dads family in india as quite useless in hindi and bengali.even though dd wont learn hindi from seeing dadu every other day i want it to be a part of her growing dads friend suggested the cds, havent arrived yet.

Sweety81 Fri 25-Aug-06 12:29:44

Khokan!, Khokan! - Traditional Bengali Rhyme
“Khokan!, Khokan!” mama calls,
“Come back before night falls!”
But Khokan on his boat has gone
With seven crows rowing gently on.

Mumma2005 Thu 21-Sep-06 16:01:33

are u girls all bengali? been looking fro bengali mums for ages! drop me a line

nikichikalo Tue 28-Oct-08 11:03:52

Please can someone help!!!
My Grannie was brought up in deli,Calcutta & she used to sing a lullaby to me,I am desperatly trying to find it-All I know is it contains'mana paca one,itch by itch by chi chi chu' it also contains the word'chikalu' (spellings!!!)cholray cholray chol could even be in it???
Does anyone know what it is called??? Or have the whole thing & perhaps even translation.
please help

giovi Tue 09-Mar-10 12:17:38

Hi There, I have moved to Kolkata, West Bengal for a few months with my baby son of 6 months - I am italian from London and my partner is also from London, we will be working here and are urgently looking for an aya or a reliable woman with a little english to look after my baby and do some little basic cooking. Any mums out there who might be able to help? Anyone who is living or has lived in Kolkata? thank you very much! Giovi

dina75 Sun 12-Jun-11 15:44:11

My dad used to sing this to me (we are Sylheti, but the song is Bengali)

Beng-gerr fauna
(Baby frog)
Jai na gon-nah
(going no where)
Joll-leh foll-leh roi
(just wiglging about)
(black coloured)
(baby fish)
Dech-leh mon-neh hoi
(when I see you this is what you remind me of)
Les-tii lis-teh dirr-reh dirr-reh
(with your tail endlessly moving)
Killy-billy korrah
(you wiggle all about)
Les-ti lis-teh gorgairrh fairrh
(when your tail falls ofdf)
Beng-gerr roof dorreh
(You become a frog)

It's a song about tadpoles become frogs! Really sweet, one of my fave childhood memories - you have to wiggle about doing the motions whne you sing this too.

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