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where is every 1 from

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kjade Mon 01-May-06 16:39:10

hey all im new on hear , i have 2 mixed race sons. where is every 1 from

HappyDaddy Wed 03-May-06 13:43:48

Hi, i'm from Medway in Kent. Have dd1 is white, dd2 is mixed race. Welcome to the madhouse.

plummymummy Wed 03-May-06 14:28:56

Hello. Welcome kjade. From South London and have a mixed race son. Where are you from?

cooperflykiller Thu 04-May-06 09:32:29

Hiya. I am mixed race 1/2 Barbadian half white english; i have two ds's and my dh is white english. South East London!

kjade Fri 05-May-06 15:58:13

im from south west midlands but i am in london a bit as dh's family live in lewisham. this site is mad intrestin tho.

plummymummy Sat 06-May-06 23:36:20

Hi cooperflykiller, don't suppose you know anything about land prices in Barbados do you? Would love to buy a small plot and heard you can buy for 10k, but this seems a bit cheap to me.

cataloguequeen Sun 07-May-06 02:42:57

Hi Kjade, I'm born here but my parents are from Antigua and Monserrat.

Plummy my mother brought in Monserrat for about the same so it may be possible (hopefully)!

bigbaubleeyes Sun 07-May-06 03:45:57

Hi my DH is mixed afro carb so my DS is 1/4 as i am whie. DS look nothing like me and people have even commented upon this - to look at hin you would think I had nothing to do with him!!!

DH and I occasionally worry about him goin to school is this reasonable????

Poshpaws Sun 07-May-06 09:41:40

Me, Black-British, DH White-British, my heritage Bajan/Guyanese. Have 2 mixed-race DSs.

Bigbaubleeyes, why are you worried about school?

Poshpaws Sun 07-May-06 09:42:52

Forgot to say, live in S.W london/Surrey

plummymummy Sun 07-May-06 17:41:24

oh thanks cataloguequeen - v interesting. Heard Monserrat is beautiful. I love the Caribbean (been to Barbados, Grenada and Cariacou) and would love a holiday home. 10k for land is very reasonable.

cooperflykiller Sun 21-May-06 13:37:27

Dear Plummy mum!

Property is very very expensive in Barbados but land can still be cheap; traditionally Bajans bought a plot of land and painstakingly, over years built fabulous complicated 'wall houses' (as opposed to wooden!) on them. The trouble with that is that builders and workmen can rip you off terribly and take forever to do the job; you REALLY need to be in the Island to oversee it (or have trustworthy family).

Have a look at this! And this!

Good luck!

plummymummy Thu 25-May-06 22:19:26

Thank you cooperflykiller, that's very useful. It makes a lot of sense about overseeing building work etc. I'm going to show dh your link tomorrow when he's got over his hangover

plummymummy Sat 27-May-06 23:17:25

Looked at the links but unfortunately no mention of land on either one.

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