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This is going to sound very naive

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CinnamonPreztel Fri 24-Aug-12 12:38:27

But when do you consider someone mixed race? My ds's father is black, I am white. However ds' dad is 1/4 african, therefore my ds is 1/8. I am 1/4 Czech but wouldn't consider myself mixed race?

Although ds's dad is only 1/4 African, he is definitely black! My ds looks tanned, but has my caucasian hair, I suppose he appears Spanish.

I apologise for how ignorant this sounds! But would I term my ds as "mixed race"? I have done, because he has a black father and white mother. But because he is just tanned- I would still describe him as white.

marsiettina Fri 31-Aug-12 22:45:55

If I saw your son, I would think firstly he was European, but with his dark eye colour would be able to guess that somewhere in his family there was a black person. Living in London there are a whole range of different family histories, so no-one would question if you ticked mixed.

When I had my daughter everyone asked if she was half Japanese and were surprised when I said her dad was Italian. I am black and my dh is Italian. My son looks b/w mixed race, but my daughter looks like a black and asian mix.

Your son is very cute and only you can decide what to tick.

savoycabbage Fri 31-Aug-12 22:55:40

My dh is only 1/4 black too but he looks black so he says he is black. He has a brother and sister who don't look black. If he didn't say he was black or tick the black box people would behmm

His grandmother was black African, his grandfather was white Scottish. On the other side his grandfather was Chinese and his grandmother was Portuguese.

I still never know what box to tick and my dd1 is 8.

Mine have curly hair which makes them look more like they have black heritage I think.

savoycabbage Fri 31-Aug-12 23:00:35

PS cinnamon, I know this isn't your question but I am always telling my girls how much they look like or act like me. The shape of their hands, the way they run, the way they like a lie in on a Sunday etc. I have found a baby photo of me and put it in a frame with one of them at the same age and I bang on about how we look like each other.

misslala1987 Mon 03-Sep-12 17:55:41

Hi just putting my 2 cents in! lol my 3 children are all mixed race (half white europeon/half black carribean) theyre all quite light with mixed texture hair (alot of people think theyre either half asian or greek or south american, anything but carribean!) though my eldest and youngest are darker, my middle is very light, practically golden white with golden curly hair. so i guess he could pass for white right? but would i ever let that happen? no! i have 3 mixed children and that is eactly what they are and are raised to know who they are. its not just because daddys around full time because even if we werent together i would raise them the same. its our responsibility as mothers of mixed children to raise them knowing and embracing exactly who they are otherwise they could possibly grow up to have a complex about their heritage

Marabou Sat 29-Sep-12 22:21:09

What an interesting thread! I would tick white to be honest if I were you.. If he looks it that is. It's just easier that way I think, you can't force ethnicity..

I'm mixed (1/2 white-1/2 black) but you would never know it. Probably like your DS. My DS is 3/4 black and 1/4 white but looks like a "regular" mixed race child. I often lie about my heritage, well not really lie, but when strangers ask me if I'm from Brazil or some Arab country etc. I just say yes to avoid having to explain. Then I swiftly say I don't speak the language lol!

I find it hurtful to be told I don't look like my true mix so I avoid telling people both white and black. I think it's a privilege to look like a particular race, it gives you a sense of belonging. So if you're DS look white, just say he is.

cheapandchic Mon 01-Oct-12 16:35:33

just too add. 9 months is still young. both my children were always thought of as white by midwifes/other mums at playgroup...

that is until about 18 months when their hair curled up and skin went lovely caramel cappuccino smile

now everyone knows they are mixed

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