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Everyone asking about thick mixed race hair but help please for very fine dry fly away mixed hair :(

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Sarahmarie2505 Mon 21-May-12 21:06:31

Thanks for all advise! Have orders the palmers stuff total came to £4 result! Luckily we have a shop not too far which stock hundreds of different stuff but it's knowing which ones ! My 6yo dd hair is much stronger and in better condition ! Such a shame as 4yo dd had beautiful baby hair and loads of it but it all sort of went to pot :/

misslala1987 Mon 21-May-12 08:11:12

aww congrats, just remember their hair will change as they grow but aslong as you try your best to look after and condition it, things should become easier. try washing hair about an hour before bed time once a week just so bubbas hair isnt wet for school and wont be too wet for bed. yea the oils are abit pricey, im fortunate that my mum got them for me but like i said palmers coconut oil moisture gro is always online x

Sarahmarie2505 Sun 20-May-12 19:57:01

Wow thanks for replies ppl! I comb with de tangle spray however when I've damped it down I then struggle to tie it up as it's that fine it's soaking wet and for school this isn't ideal? Plus when I put pig tails etc they just don't stay in sad will give the oils a go kinda on a budget as expecting third dd ! Great more hair!

misslala1987 Sun 20-May-12 10:55:18

p.s try washing your bubbas hair with inecto coconut oil shampoo then the conditioner and then dry and massage the oil into childs hair when dampish and leave to dry naturally then rub into hair once a day every day when dry. if your really not keen on the price then try palmers coconut oil moisture gro, you can get that on amazon for a few quid but coconut oil is more greasey (though smells lovely) where as the morrocan oil i use dries into the skin quite quickly. good luck! x

misslala1987 Sun 20-May-12 10:49:42

yep always comb when wet, i never bother brushing my kids hair while dry! have you tried argan oil? you can get a bottle titled 'morrocan oil' or 'brazilian oil' in most hair salons its not cheap (about 20 pounds a bottle) or do a botlle of argan oil for about 15.00 (though ive never tried that particular one) you only need to use a smidging, its worked wonders for my kids and me too! it even cleared up my sons eczma because you can use it on not just hair but also skin and nails. my daughter hair is fine and get very try and tangled particularly in the back and as i want to grow her hair long i know how important it is to look after it and prevent breakage

Caramelespresso Sat 19-May-12 14:40:49

Sorry I meant comb when wet with conditioner, then rinse, then apply leave-in conditioner and leave to air dry. Gel and mousse not ideal for fine, mixed-race hair IME. A good strong, moisturising leave-in is much better, possibly with a tiny bit of oil.

Caramelespresso Sat 19-May-12 14:38:16

Sounds as though it might need lots of moisture and weighing down. A few things you could try - Biolage Ultra Hydrating Balm for wash-out conditioner, Paul Mitchell The Conditioner for a leave-in or Abba Pure Gentle Conditioner if you're worried about chemical content.

Don't brush when dry, only comb when wet with conditioner on and leave to air dry.

Also have you tried this website? Some useful recommendations based on hair type. Mixed Chicks does a range that quite a few people rave about - doesn't work for me, but it really is trial and error.

Sarahmarie2505 Sat 19-May-12 09:38:48

well says it all in the title! I've tried gel I've tried creams I've tried sprays I've tried washing only every 2 weeks I've tried jus about everything and it never ever looms healthy or happy or tidy!!!! Anyone have any ideas ??? She is 4 btw smile

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