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is it just me or do any other mothers think there should be a mixed race/black childrens programme?

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misslala1987 Wed 09-May-12 20:45:41

my kids love handy manny, go diego, dora the explora, bob the builder, fireman sam aswell as others........ but its occurred to me that there are no chgaracters on the television more like them (theyre mixed white british and black carribean) my eldest son used to watch little bill when he was small (and hes 7 now) but they took that off the air for some reason. i think the shows they watch are great, like how handy manny kinda teaches them abit of the spanish language. but does any other mother find it abit of a shame that there arent more cute and educational characters of colour on tv?

Tryharder Thu 10-May-12 21:18:19

Rastamouse is black. And I think Upsy daisy is mixed race. grin

misslala1987 Fri 11-May-12 07:41:05

yea but my kids cant relate too much to a mouse.... or can they? lol and upsy daiseys adoreable for my daughter but not for my primary and pre school aged boys

Pendeen Fri 11-May-12 12:26:16

I hadn't really noticed but if this is that is the case perhaps it would be worth you writing to some TV companies with your sugestion?

It seems to me that there the opposite is the case with the rest of TV i.e. an over representation but maybe that's just my perception.

MUM2BLESS Mon 21-May-12 19:13:32

I have never really thought about it.

There are childrens programme with black/mix race children in. It maninly for the older school children. My kids like Kenan and Kal (very old programme though) use to watch sister sister (not on anymore)

I remember watching little bill.

The Americans seen to do this better than we do in this country.

misslala1987 Tue 29-May-12 08:56:56

yea they do, when i went to new york i only had my eldest then and he was a toddler, in the hotel there was many bi racial kids programmes celebrating different cuktures. i know some might think 'oh the race thing again, why make a big deal?' but thats ok to say if youre white and your childs white. my mum bought a dora doll while on holiday because she said it was cute and reminded her of my daughter only thing is dora's hawaiian or mexican? (not too sure) and my daughters mixed white british and black carribean. there should be kids programmes showing the main star as someone other than white or mexican

ToastofWar Tue 29-May-12 09:03:44

There is one that I know of for older children. Does your DS watch CBBC?

I saw a programme on there yesterday (can't remember the name blush) where the main character and his family were Black. His brother is a teacher at his school, etc. Was quite funny. It was a UK produced programme as well.

Can't think of any for younger children that are uk produced though.

chocolatetester1 Tue 29-May-12 21:33:07

I think Nok Tok in Waybuloo is meant to be something along the lines of mixed race - not sure as he is a 'character' rather than a 'person', but he has darker skin than the others. It's a pretty good colour match to my m/race DS and he loves the whole programme.

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