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Positive books about caribbean history for kids

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Thornykate Fri 01-Jul-11 20:10:24

The title says it all really. I would like to be able to offer my DS (7) some positive books or literature about Caribbean & black history.

I don't want his first formal teachings about his culture to be the usual history of slavery I want him to learn about the black kings & queens etc BEFORE he learns the usual black history topics. but I don't know enough to teach him & he likes books at the moment
Pls note I am not saying he shouldn't learn about slavery but I want him to learn about historic achievements & greatness within his cultural background.
Any suggestions welcomed, thanks.

idontgivearatsass Fri 01-Jul-11 20:24:21

Have you thought of asking family/friends back in the Caribbean to send books for you?

Also, you may be able to buy books online by Black American authors.

I am from the Caribbean too and whenever someone is visiting me from back home I ask for books for my son.

For me it is the simple things like a black face on a book...

To be fair some of my favourite authors included Enid Blyton when I was growing up. I still like her a lot and have fond memories of Mallory Towers. And I grew up Caribbean! But I also had Anansi stories and a plethora of black role models all around me.

A black child growing in UK has to be pointed in the right direction, it is not as automatic.

This is my first post on mumsnet. I tend to lurk A LOT! But your question is very close to my heart so I just had to respond.

Best of luck!

Thornykate Sun 17-Jul-11 12:46:02

Thanks for the reply. We dont really have anyone who would send books back but will stock up on next trip which may not be until 2013 or hopefully end of next year.

I hadn't thought of looking on USA websites but will give that a try smile

I loved Enid blyton too!

Sammy3 Tue 19-Jul-11 13:13:01

There are books by Macmillan which are aimed at teaching children in the Caribbean about their culture & history. Click this link for that part of their website. We've got the one about Jamaica, though I didn't see it on that page when I looked briefly. You can also find them on Amazon if you search for "macmillan caribbean social studies" (some of them have the look inside feature).
I think the Anansi stories are a fantastic part of West Indian culture that your DS will enjoy. We have these books among other books of Anansi stories
Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock, Anansi and the Talking Melon & Anansi Goes Fishing.

Unfortunately not many history books for children even touch on ancient African history. It might be a bit too advanced for a 7 year old, but the Cartoon History of the Universe series is fantastic for covering world history and part III includes some African history. They're definitely worth having for when he's older; you'll probably really enjoy them too. I did & learned a lot from them while I was at it.

This book is great for an overall history of African & Caribbeans in Britain. It covers pre-slavery up to the modern day & would be good for reading & discussing with him. It includes people like Septimus Severus & the Moors.

If the BBC ever show Lost Kingdoms of Africa again, make sure you record it. I really enjoyed watching it with my then 11yo DS.

Even though it's modern history, it's also good for them to know about people like Mary Seacole. We've got this book but this one looks nice for younger kids. Also, Walter Tull is inspirational. We don't have that book, but did see a programme about him on the beeb. Click here for a bit more info.

You might find this link useful for finding more books.

Strangely enough, my favourite author was Enid Blyton when I was young. I loved the Famous Five stories.

Sorry this is such a long post, but I hope it helps.

idontgivearatsass Thu 28-Jul-11 23:37:05

Sammy3 you've been incredibly helpful. I shall definitely make use of these links.

Thornykate Tue 02-Aug-11 09:57:31

Thanks so much sammy, as Idontgive says you have been v helpful, much appreciated.

I think Anancy books will be a good place to start. I can't link as am on phone but I found a website called which is uk based with very reasonable p&p so I have placed an order.

Thanks again guys!

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