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Meeting other families

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leftfork Fri 07-Jan-11 15:19:23

Hi there,

I've recently moved to the Kingston area and would love to meet other mixed race families.

I'm British born west indian and husband is Belgian. We have two boys 2.5 yr and 9 months.

I'm currently on maternity leave but return to work in April.

Things I used to do but do much less of now - Salsa, Reading, Jazz, Yoga

PreggoGaGa Sat 08-Jan-11 01:45:48

Hi there, I live in twickenham I am British also of west Indian/carribean background. My partner is polish but speaks Russian a lil and german. I was sAying to him we should meet more mixed couples with children, we seem to be from different worlds and it will be nice to meet people who r quite similar. Our 1st lil girl is due in bout 7 weeks. My maternity doesn't start till 6 weeks. I love salsa iv never done it but as weight loss I'm thinking of taking it up or zumba lol. How u finding Kingston??

leftfork Mon 10-Jan-11 11:39:22

Hi there,

There are definately lots of mixed families here but I'm finding it quite difficult to connect. I'm happy though as where I lived before there were not many mixed families and as you say there is a difference somehow.

My husband is learning German but his first language is Flemish (Dutch).

We're actually based in Surbiton but we gravitate to Kingston as it's so easy to get to and there is loads happening there.....

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