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Black Dad / White Mum - baby very white/light skinned.

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Nadene Tue 27-Sep-05 16:06:55

I've heard it takes a while for the true colour to come out in the skin. Anyone know what age this happens - purely out of interest.

SELondonSwede Sun 27-Oct-13 10:33:27

Find it upsetting that anyone would talk about children as "ugly". Just wrong imho.

suzyrut Thu 13-Dec-12 16:52:51

I am fascinated by this thread, am 15 weeks pg, I'm white my dp is mixed white/asian. Had assumed it would be like mixing paint and end up with something in the middle, hadn't dreamed that the baby could end up with any variation, how exciting!

TheGothMummy Tue 04-Dec-12 08:52:02

old thread i know, but i know a couple who have three children and they are all different colours. the oldest dd is a fair mixed race colour, the middle dd is almost as dark as her dad and the youngest is almost as fair as mum! i think it really depends, my nephew literally mixed evenly, and 'looks' mixed race.
and no, there are no ugly mixed race babies, but then again, i'm one of those hippies that think all babies are beautiful!

chocolatetester1 Tue 29-May-12 21:36:44

Apparently boys end up a similar colour to their scrotum, so says the MIL. Think my DS will prove her right as he's getting gradually darker.

ronx Sun 22-Apr-12 21:23:23

I am black and my DH is white. Our DD is the palest one in our family (we also have a DS).. She does not tan at all. Her hair is black apart from one ginger strand in the middle of her scalp. grin

misslala1987 Sun 22-Apr-12 19:45:08

wow this thread is like 7 years old! anyway im white, my partners black so our kids are mixed. my eldest son and daughter are like olive skin, daughter being darkest. my youngest son is like white with golden curls (think justin timberlake) hes gorgeous! my pther half is full black and isnt light skinned. its just about genes and whose are strongest, obviously my gene is more dominant! x

gorgehun80 Wed 07-Dec-11 21:13:45

I have 3 beautiful kiddies- i am white with blonde hair and my DH is half black, half white, he is very dark almost black. So my kids are quarter black. My eldest was born very white but now at age 5 has a beautiful all year natural tan, my 3 yr old was born quite pale also and is now the darkest with a rich golden tan and my 2 yr old was born the whitest and hasnt really developed much color, maybe a slight golden glow if you like smile

growing3rdbump Sun 16-Jan-11 21:46:19

DC2 was born very pale compared to his sister. Also has quite light hair. He has darkened quite a bit over 3.5yrs and looks like he has a gorgeous all year round tan! I think the fairer hair makes him look lighter than he actually is.

sugar7 Sat 04-Dec-10 23:34:52

Im White british with curly brown hair, blue/grey eyes and my partner is very dark Black (Barbados).
My mum has red on her side and my partner said he has a cousin with deep red hair.
We have a 5 month old son who is the same colour white as me and curly auburn hair and dark brown eyes.
Everyone always says 'Ah dont worry, He'l get darker" and some people even ask if I messed around which is very upsetting for us as you can imagine!!
So far he hasn;t got any darker and I love him to bits.
I guess we will all have to get used to all the questions...!

MissM Mon 08-Dec-08 20:12:40

This is really interesting. My DCs seem to have got lighter as they've got older! DS had black black hair at birth but now it's more light brown with quite auburn highlights. DD's is a bit darker but not much. Their skin is more olivey like mine but I thought it would be dark like their dad's (he's Asian). To be honest they only look mixed race when you see them next to white white children - I think people probably think they're Italian or Spanish or something until they see DH.

dsrplus8 Mon 01-Dec-08 12:42:44

im white, (ginger blue eyes) my exh is white(brown hair brown eyes) we have 3dc ,2 girls blue eyes pale skin,one ginger one blonde, our son has tanned skin(like italian or greak)and green is darker than both his parents. my cousin who is anglo asian has paler skin and blue eyes and his ds is blonde!dont think there are "rules" as such but who cares anyway? all kids are fab!!!grin

littlemissm Sun 30-Nov-08 13:50:09

I have 5 kids oldest 1 is very light blue eyed blonde afro . second is brown skinned dark eyes dark hair. Twins are brown skinned hazel eyes brown hair & baby is blue eyed & white skinned you can only see her colour when u put her nxt to a white person still waiting on the hair cos is too short to see how it will turn out. All same dad its just how it turns out sometimes.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 26-Nov-08 09:30:15

I'm found that my 3 have got darker as they've got older. Think DS1 (8) is as dark as he's going to be now, although a good sunny summer seems to make him darker still. However, each DS has been progressively light, so DS2 is lighter than DS1 was at the sane age, and DS3 is lighter than either of the other 2 were at the age he is now (if that' makes sense).

Their hair has got lighter too - DS1 has almost jet black hair, DS2's is dark brown, and DS3's quite a light brown. Have come to the conclusion that if exH and I had continued to have more children I would eventually have ended up with a white, blonde haired children grin

Sweetie34 Wed 26-Nov-08 09:18:07

I have a beautiful little girl who s 2yrs 4 months old. She was born very very pale. So pale, in fact, taht some of the nurses didn't think she was mine (I am black). She is now a little darker than she was, but is still, in effect 'white'.

It was great when I used to breadtfeed her i public. This would evoke many stares which I found amusing!

My DD is darker on some areas (arms, thighs) but I think she will always be pale.

I am pregnant again and I am looking forward to the birth and seeing what shade the baby is ALMOST as much as I finding out the sex!!

Gives people something to talk about

Sweetie34 Wed 26-Nov-08 09:16:40

I have a beautiful little girl who s 2yrs 4 months old. She was born very very pale. So pale, in fact, taht some of the nurses didn't think she was mine (I am black). She is now a little darker than she was, but is still, in effect 'white'.

It was great when I used to breadtfeed her i public. This would evoke many stares which I found amusing!

My DD is darker on some areas (arms, thighs) but I think she will always be pale.

I am pregnant again and I am looking forward to the birth and seeing what shade the baby is ALMOST as much as I finding out the sex!!

Gives people something to talk about

3littlefrogs Sun 07-Sep-08 18:05:08

I think you get a slightly different mixture with each child, and they change a lot in the first 2-3 years.

k01 Mon 04-Aug-08 16:34:16


k01 Mon 28-Jul-08 16:26:24

cool i love his hair and his col his gorgeous i just get a bit fed up with people asking questions about him all the time as my partners dad is VERY dark from barbados yet his mums white irish which is where the hair prob cam from we love him to bits i think its going to be harder for my partner as k grows up as he already gets funny looks and people assuming his not the dad which is a shame really anything is possible with mixed race children but i think people went by my partners sis kids as her son is dark like my partner yet his dads white and his sis is dark yet her dads mixed race too.

motherinferior Mon 28-Jul-08 16:17:45

I didn't (see above). I'm now 45 and I still have white skin and red hair.

I am quite fabulously gorgeous, though, and have produced mixed-race kids to die for.

k01 Mon 28-Jul-08 16:09:43

hi all
my son is now 10 months old im white blue eyes his dads mixed race and our son was born white blue eyes and red hair
he is still the same his hair is very very curly but no colour do u think this will change?

claireybee Tue 30-Oct-07 11:45:12

DH is black African (but more brown than black) and I am (very) white English. DD was born very very pale with straight black hair. Over time her hair has got lighter and more afro in texture and her skin has got darker, but she is still very pale-is the same colour as a white person with a tan I suppose. MIL always comments on how white she is, but MIL herself is very pale so not sure why she is so surprised!

Wow just saw this thread was started over 2 years ago!

LoveAngel Sat 27-Oct-07 20:47:14

My son was extremely fair at birth with thick, dead straight jet black hair. At 2 and a half. he is still very pale (a very pale olive is how I would describe it), although his hair has become big, loose ringlets. I don't think all mixed race children necessarily 'darken up' as time goes on. There is such a variation in genes and you just don't know what skin tone / hair type a mixed race child will have.

gerts Sat 27-Oct-07 19:05:38

helling, the areas of brown are called "mongolian blue spots", all of mine had them.
they even out aver time .

when my twins were born one was white, the other was very dark brown!

by the time they were about 2 the lighter lad had darkened.

Caligirl99 Wed 17-Oct-07 23:00:29

I'm very Native American and very tan and my husband is a very white Scotsman with. Our son resembles both of us. I have very dark brown eyes, my husband has blue eyes and our son has greenish/brown eyes. My husband has dirty blonde, I have black hair, and our son has light/med brown hair. His complexion is literally in between, but looks more whiter than tan. Everywhere we go, we are told how beautiful he is by people of all ages and ethnicities. When he is with my husband, no one asks if he is multi-racial, but when I am with him people ask if his father is white. Or if we are shopping and my husband is holding him while I have run off to get something, upon my return, the person talking to my husband is surprised to hear I am the mother. I have started to get really annoyed by all of this and I have even wondered if maybe to people my son does not look a lot like me. His features are not necessarily defined, but he does resemble my husband when he was a baby. I am used to getting stared at constantly because I am the only tan person for blocks in my neighborhood in California and it did not bother me much in the past, now that I have a child and I get asked really stupid questions about his ethnic background, I have become extremely sensitive about being starred at and I automatically assume it is negative. What bother's me the most is that I am worried my son may develop a chip himself. What do you do to cope with stares if you get them? Is anyone else here living in a community where you stand out? Do any of you purposely visit multi-racial areas so that your child can identify with kids there? I am worried about my son not identifying with children here because he does look a little different. Also, does anyone else here get really ticked that people even ask questions. I would never stare at anyone or question the ethnic background of anyone. The truth is I don't really care about a person's ethnicity, just how good of a person he/she is.

kikki Wed 01-Nov-06 14:25:07

Hi tigx

I think if you are white and the father of your ds is mixed race, people tend to say that she is quarter-caste(don't shoot me for saying this as some people take great offense to saying, half-caste etc).
I am mixed race/half caste/whatever and so is my cousin. Her mother and mine are sisters(both black) and our Dads are both white. I am alot darker than she is and yet her eldest daughter(who's father is black) is darker than my son(who's father is also black.
She is not with the father of her daughter and remarried a white man. They have three children together who look white and have blonde or ginger hair. My cousin took her son(white and blonde with blue eyes) to the doctor once and the doctor said to my cousin "where is the boys mother!" No matter what the childs geneology you can't assume or predict what shade they will become.

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