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Black Dad / White Mum - baby very white/light skinned.

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Nadene Tue 27-Sep-05 16:06:55

I've heard it takes a while for the true colour to come out in the skin. Anyone know what age this happens - purely out of interest.

QueenOfQuotes Wed 28-Sep-05 11:58:59

looked at some baby photo's of the boys, definitely had the same coloured ears as the rest of thier body.......and most definitely their 'bits' that gave me the best indication of the colour they were/are going to be

mixed Wed 28-Sep-05 12:11:33

ds and dd are 2nd generation. ds may not be the most handsome boy, but dd definately gorgeous . They have white, oriental and asian backgrounds
I'm 1st gen. and would not win a beauty contest...

Kelly1978 Wed 28-Sep-05 12:20:09

our dts were very white when first born - we were surprised, esp dp! They went darker after a month or two, esp one of them, so everyone commented we had a white baby and a brown baby! Lots of ppl didn't even think they were twins. Now, they are 6 mnths, a bit more alike in colour - sort of evened up a bit. And of course, the are gorgeous.
I think it can cahnge a lot over time.

MarsLady Wed 28-Sep-05 12:51:45

Loving you too Ghosty!

Like you kelly, DT1 was much darker than DT2. So quite apart from the size difference (DT2 being bigger) people were confused that they were twins and tended to assume that I had had them close apart. For a long time I had a white and brown baby. But DT2 has tried to catch up. Still the "whitest" in the family after daddy, but definitely much darker than he was at the beginning.

kama Wed 28-Sep-05 12:54:06

Message withdrawn

troutpout Wed 28-Sep-05 13:17:30

Waterfalls.....* I know !!* (smug emoticon)
Nah..unfortunatley ...s'not true...i am def a bit of an old trout

motherinferior Wed 28-Sep-05 13:17:42

My mum is Indian, my dad is white (English/Scandinavian). I was born white as a white thing on a snowy day - red hair, fair skin, green eyes - and I've stayed that way. My daughters are also biologically half Asian (their dad is half English half Bengali, and very dark) and they are white and blonde (and utterly beautiful).

RnB Wed 28-Sep-05 13:29:27

Message withdrawn

RnB Wed 28-Sep-05 13:30:43

Message withdrawn

makealist Wed 28-Sep-05 13:54:06

Ds2 was born white (7 now) and still is quite pale compared to ds1, Atr the moment he is more a golden colour, especially with his suntan (he has really white "white bits" though

Sometimes people don't realise that he is mixed race, though they always comment on his curly hair. Which is very, very tight curls like dh (who is black)

Dh did make a few "jokes" about who the father was when ds2 was a baby and I can remember being at the "school gate" quite clearly with all the other mums waiting for ds2 to darken up

He is absolutly georgous though, he has grey/green eyes like me, and loads of freckles across his nose and cheeks, and what I love best is people say that they can see he's my son. [proud emoticon]

Tortington Thu 29-Sep-05 22:02:17

thread hijack v. sorry.

RnB can you confirm your attendance at the xmas doo ( or not) on the xmas doo thread and see new deposit payment thingies n stuff. ta xxxx

RnB Fri 30-Sep-05 12:00:05

Message withdrawn

Mytwopenceworth Fri 30-Sep-05 17:41:43

My ds 1 looked white when he was born, he then got darker skinned by the time he was 2.

My ds2 was also very light when he was born, but became very very dark skinned within about 3-6 months - almost as darkskinned as my dh. but then, it was a bit odd, over his 3rd winter, he got noticeably lighter and now he is a bit darker than ds1. It was most odd.

Weird too was ds2 hair - started off dead straight, had brief period with tight curls and small afro bit at the back, then went straight again (now wavy if it gets too long) ds1 has big loose curls when unshaven!

pinkmagic1 Sat 01-Oct-05 23:33:11

DS was born really quite dark but got lighter. At 16 months he looks like someone from the south of France or Nothern Spain with a slight olive skin.

biglips Sat 01-Oct-05 23:38:31

my cousin is very white (almost bleach white as she had been to Thailands and jamicia seperate times for 2 weeks but still came back white!!)and her partner is very very black and their DD is very pale browny colour!

vickitiredmum Sat 01-Oct-05 23:50:25

I always thought that the dark skin/dark eyes/hair etc had a stronger gene pull than fair. But my (half chinese half white) cousin's DD has blue eyes and blonde hair and blue eyes.

Oddly enough my DP's great great grandmother was chinese and whilst his mum or gran doesnt show any traits he does.

vickitiredmum Sat 01-Oct-05 23:51:00

oh how tired am i! She only has one set of blue eyes...........

likklemum Sun 02-Oct-05 00:10:35

Thats what I thought too VickiTM. Astounded not only with the fact that DS does not have DP's black hair, but also that it is lighter than mine! Genetically its a general rule, not a dead cert.

SIL is Black with green eyes (both her parents have brown eyes).

moosh Wed 05-Oct-05 14:45:28

Both ds's are completely different colours. Ds1 now 5 is darker than ds2 who was nearly white when he was born. (I always put it down to the amount of eggs I ate with him while pregnant !!!! Ha). Me black dp white although ds2 has got a little darker but not much. Had to explain to ds1 who was full of colour questions because he and his brother are not the same colour, that in the world we live, there are hundreds of diffrent shades of beige.

meggymoo Tue 01-Nov-05 15:02:22

Message withdrawn

emma187 Thu 07-Sep-06 01:26:21

i now know that children of dual heritage can look many way im verylight partner black african and our son 13 month was very dark wen born with dark hair now he looks lightly tanned with brown straight hair..... my friend who is black and her partner is white looks also similar to my son taking more caucasion features than africabrian features. i often get starred at with my son even worse wen with his dad as he looks very unique my friend says she also experienced this. we live in london a very multicultured place i think it nosey people who stare ....///////normaly the black gene is the prominot gene but not always

cooperflykiller Thu 07-Sep-06 14:32:55

When they plopped my youngest ds on my tummy I have to admit I was flabbergasted as he was utterly devoid of colour (unlike ds1). And he has fair hair. (I am mixed and DH is white btw!)

But after two years or so he 'goldened' up, so he does look mixed. (I kinda want to say 'phew!' - no offence meant to the non-mixed!!! . I think that it really must take about 18 months or so to 'develop'.

magicfarawaytree Thu 07-Sep-06 14:57:04

apparently its all in the ear colour? dont know how true it is.m mine have no colour to speak of until the sun comes out..

Judy1234 Sun 24-Sep-06 17:31:51

Boy my children know has Afro hair but is white and blonde as is his sister. His mother is white and his father mixed race. Gorgeous looking combination - blonde afro hair. I was surprised that both children look white.

helling Wed 04-Oct-06 19:13:51

My babby was whiter than me at birth (and I'm ginger Irish), he's now a nice tan at 3 1/2 months, but with splashes of dark brown over his body (?!) (anyone else seen this in their babbies?) I've heard the final colour is the colour of the skin around the fingertips? and that the colour doesn't finalise before 6 months?

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