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Black Dad / White Mum - baby very white/light skinned.

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Nadene Tue 27-Sep-05 16:06:55

I've heard it takes a while for the true colour to come out in the skin. Anyone know what age this happens - purely out of interest.

otto Tue 27-Sep-05 16:11:31

My neice is mixed race and she was very light- skinned for about a month then gradually went darker. Her brother was born much darker and hasn't changed much.

QueenOfQuotes Tue 27-Sep-05 16:12:44

My boys have been getting darker each summer (despite lashing on sunblock).

Although DS2 (22 months) is now as dark as DS1 is (5yrs)

MarsLady Tue 27-Sep-05 16:14:15

Mine were almost white born (quite shocking.... was looking for a bit more colour .... relax folks, only joshing).

Each of them darkened up nicely by 18 months. Don't know why 18 months but that's what happened with each of them. DT2 is still whiter than my best mates white son lol.

I'm black, DH white btw

It could be that the baby might not darken at all. There are no givens!

QueenOfQuotes Tue 27-Sep-05 16:15:22

and DS1 darkened up even more this summer - there was me thinking that they'd resemble me at least with "sort" of similar skin tone LOL.

troutpout Tue 27-Sep-05 20:40:12

Yep i reckon you can sort of see their skin tone properly at about 18 months.My two really go a lot darker in the summer though and actually look mixed race ...but are a bit grey looking in the winter.

waterfalls Tue 27-Sep-05 20:47:38

I have always wanted to be mixed race, they are always beautiful people

Norma2Mates Tue 27-Sep-05 20:54:05

My dd was born white with straight hair and now (18 months later) her skin is a gorgeous coffee colour and her hair spiral curls. Her skin darkened very gradually.

I'm white, DH black

waterfalls Tue 27-Sep-05 20:59:15

I met a couple on Holiday once, and they had 4yr old identical twin girls (mixed race) and my god they were absolutely stunning.

hoxtonchick Tue 27-Sep-05 21:01:21

my nephews are mixed race, aged 5 & 3 now & both have very white skin. they do tan very easily though.

Xena Tue 27-Sep-05 21:06:57

My best friend at secondary school was mixed race (her dad was black) Because her mum and dad weren't together it never occured to me that she was mixed race I was quite suprised when I met her dad I tbh her tan was never any better than mine in the summer. But 2 of the children I look after are mixed race and they have (in their words not mine) chocolate skin and are easily as dark as the other boy i look after who both parents are black.

Cha Tue 27-Sep-05 21:31:15

My 2 mixed race children were so light skinned at birth (and no hair!) that it was difficult to tell they weren't white. I was told by someone that you should look at the colour of their ears to judge what colour they will eventually be, though not sure if that works. My two did get darker but not lots. In fact, I am often asked where they got such lovely tans from - as though I put them under a sunbed or something! Ds has straight white blond hair (like mine) and many people find it difficult to believe he is mixed race at all. Although dp's father was mixed race, he is not light skinned really and occasionally people have been genuinely shocked that he is ds's father. I hope this won't be an issue for ds as he gets older...

waterfalls Tue 27-Sep-05 21:32:23

I was shocked when I first found out Maria Carey was mixed race.

QueenOfQuotes Tue 27-Sep-05 21:49:45

"I was told by someone that you should look at the colour of their ears to judge what colour they will eventually be, "

Dont' know about ears....but when I "checked" that ny DS's were indeed DS's I had a fair idea that they may get quite a bit darker - which they have

jenkel Tue 27-Sep-05 21:53:32

My friends dh is from Mauritius, she is white. Her oldest son is as dark as her dh, her middle daughter is not particularly dark but obviously mixed race and her youngest is very pale. All stunningly attractive, why is it that mixed race people always look so attractive. Just makes me laugh a little, looks like the colour got more diluted with each child.

likklemum Tue 27-Sep-05 23:20:37

I'm white and my DP is mixed Asian, Black and Chinese. Our DS is very light with straight light brown hair (lighter than both of ours). When I came back from holiday, my stand-in HV started questioning me about sunblock etc, so he must look darker to the untrained eye!

DP's sister is the same mix as him and has a Black partner. Their DD is v.dark. She said that it all happened at about 5yrs old.

Agree with you guys that mixed race kids are gorgeous... or am i just biased?!

MarsLady Tue 27-Sep-05 23:40:52

sorry to burst the bubble but I have seen some ugly mixed race children. Obviously not mine lmao

QueenOfQuotes Tue 27-Sep-05 23:43:15

I've only ever seen ugly 2nd generation mixed race children (ie both parents mixed race). Never seen an ugly 1st generation mixed race child (yet)....and of course mine are the best looking by far

MarsLady Tue 27-Sep-05 23:47:57

nope seen 1st generation.... really shocked me, though why it should I don't know. There are ugly and beautiful people everywhere!!

ghosty Wed 28-Sep-05 00:31:58

When my friend told me she was part chinese I was amazed. She has ginger hair and freckles! Her children have blond hair and blue eyes!
Apparently her grandfather is full chinese and her mother is half chinese and she is then a quarter ... therefore her children are an eighth?
Anyway ... everyone is beautiful on the 'net anyway aren't they?

I really have no right to be posting on this thread ... but I love Marslady you see so I need to be near her

Meko Wed 28-Sep-05 00:36:13

ghosty would your friend be 3/4 chinese - ie dad 2 part chinese (mum and dad) mum (one part chinese one part other)?

ghosty Wed 28-Sep-05 00:43:42

Oh ... I don't know ...
My friend's maternal grandfather is full chinese, her maternal grandmother is kiwi. That would make her mother half chinese? Her paternal grandparents are kiwis ... her father is obviously a kiwi.
So of her 4 grandparents, one is chinese and the other three are kiwis ...
does that make her one quarter chinese?

littlemisspiggy Wed 28-Sep-05 09:50:48

Oh no Waterfalls, I'm quite ugly!

waterfalls Wed 28-Sep-05 11:46:50


i'm sure that is not true, ugly mixed race just does not exist

Poshpaws Wed 28-Sep-05 11:52:50

I'm with waterfalls on this...have yet to see an ugly mixed race kid and I know plenty amongst my family and friends, my children included .

QofQ, I was told about the 'ear' thing but not sure if it was true in the case of my DSs. Both born white-looking, straight black hair, maybe 3 days later began to darken and are now just the right blend !

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