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Greek Cypriot/Indian Couple

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MERMAIDKB Mon 01-Nov-10 13:58:00

I'm hoping someone can help me locate an indian/hindu group/association in Kingston Upon Thames.

I am bringing up my son to be able to speak greek,baptised him a greek orthodox and will be sending him to greek school from the age of 4 - he will learn to read and write as well as learn traditional dances. Its what I did every saturday from the age of 6 until I completed my O'level Greek at 16.

My husband (around 4) and doesn't have any indian friends (all very english). He also doesn't know when key religious days are or why they happen and doesn't speak hindi/sindhi comfortably. He didn't attend any additional schooling on top of normal English school. I would like to find a group/association in Kingston or Richmond who meet on maybe a monthly basis who have members with similar background and possibly also have classes for children to learn about their culture etc..

Suzihaha Fri 12-Nov-10 19:32:33

Not sure in Kingston but there are plenty in Hounslow.

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