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mixed race hair - what do you do?

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flippyzippy Fri 16-Jul-10 15:27:30

Hello! My DD has a head full of curls. I call it Svinto! LOL! anyway, have tried loads of different things but she does NOT like me touching her hair so have to keep it to a minumum - either 2 or 3 pony tails (done rEAL quick) or just leave it down with a couple of clips.
I have tried different products. I found Curly Qs custard really good although it does cost £!2 which is pricey (i think).
I wash it 2 times a week. If neccesary maybe a rinse with some conditioner in between.
Was just curious as to what you have tried and what you thought worked best?

Timbuktu Sat 17-Jul-10 00:20:30

My dd has ringlet style hair, but if left will easily go into dreads! I've tried loads of expensive products and settled on a spray bottle filled with water and a splash of olive oil. I spray this on every morning and then comb through with either a wide toothed comb or tangle-teazer and then blow dry. I wash it maybe once a week with conditioner only. This gives her lovely defined curls.

snowmama Sun 18-Jul-10 17:04:17

I am mixed race, as is my daughter. We have lots of curls - but not the ringlet curls -thicker than that.

The only product in my many, many years of searching is Paul Mitchells leave in conditioner.. it costs a fortune but produces great curl definition and easy to comb hair -

Mahraih Tue 20-Jul-10 10:10:17

I'm mixed race and have 'ringlet' curls, very thick.

TBH I normally give it a wash twice per week but rinse through briefly with a rich conditioner (though tried Tressemmee (sic?) on a whim and that seemed to work fine) to keep tangles out. I never brush it, just use fingers, as brushes seem to break hairs/cause split ends.

It really depends on the texture of the hair. My half sister and I both have ringlet hair but hers straightens really easily and is very manageable but mine isn't. Maybe take her to a black hair salon and ask their advice?

Madinitials Wed 21-Jul-10 22:32:59

I agree with Mahraih that it depends on the texture of the hair. My daughter has very soft ringlets which can get a little dry so I use a tiny bit of Dark and Lovely New Beginnings Oil Moisteriser for children which is actually more of a lotion than an oil. It makes it easier to comb as she does get some tangles.

FindingMyMojo Tue 27-Jul-10 20:32:09

DD has my fine thick european hair, but with lots of curls from Jamaican Dad. It's still relatively short (when curly). We've pretty much given up brushing it daily. We brush it through when it's being conditoned & her Grandma gives it a good brush once a week & puts it in plaits or similar. DD is 2.8 & last week didn't cry at all when GM did the hair - first time no tears (it took about 6 weeks). She loves it when her hair is done so I guess she's worked out what she has to del with to get them. GM is pretty fast though.

Usual daily routine is I spray hair in the morning with water/organic conditioner/manuka oil (like tea tree oil) blend until it's quite wet, then tousel it with fingers.

Lots of women with similar hair I have spoken to say they don't brush theirs.

Still looking for the perfect product but I'm not paying £12 shock

No dreads - yet grin

her curls are amazing - I love them - everyone comments on DD's hair. Grandma thinks of them as something to be 'dealt with' but she is slowly seeing their beauty. Next step is for me to learn to plait it etc

witwitwoo Fri 06-Aug-10 15:25:43

Hi, I use Mixed Chicks products for my son's hair. It's short at the moment, but growing fast! It is on the pricey side but a little goes a long way. Worth the money.

AuntyJ Sat 07-Aug-10 18:22:03

It will really depend on her hair. £12 does sound expensive though. Do you have an Afro hairdresser near you? DD is mixed raced but her hair is European & very thick and curly. It dries out very quickly so only wash it twice a week and then put conditioner on it before drying. The best investment I ever made was a Tangleteeze hairbrush, no more tears when I brush her hair.

ButtonAzure Thu 12-Aug-10 20:00:31


I really sympathise! I'm mixed Jamaican english, brought up by a white mum who had No Idea Whatsoever how to care for my hair, leaving me looking like a wreck for most of my childhood!

You need to use black hair products, you probably need to go to a black hair shop - do you know of any in your area? If not ask someone (anyone!) you see with that kind of hair. White products won't work, most things from boots, superdrug etc wont work, they'll just waste your money seriously.

Kemi Oil is amazing, worth any trouble to get hold of it. Will last for ages. You can just put it on wet or dry hair and it will become manageable.

Also its fine to blowdry kids hair straight or curly using it, will make brushing a pleasure instead of a torture.

Ultimatly the most pleasant easiest way of managing the hair is regular braids, you can use extensions (don't pay more than £4 for the hair) definitly worth it!

Good luck!

bran Thu 12-Aug-10 20:17:27

DD is a quarter caribbean and has the most gorgeous ringlety hair, but if it gets dry or tangled it gets very matted. Her foster mum used to use a spray-on de-tangler every morning, but it left her hair quite lank. For a while I used coconut oil which was reasonably effective, but on a whim I tried murumuru butter and it's fantastic. It comes as a solid and I rub a bit in the palms of my hands and it melts. It really gives a lovely shine and the ringlets are defined rather than frizzy.

scooterwitch Sat 14-Aug-10 00:46:33

my son is mixed race but has very afro hair i have been putting it is in dreads but just dicover he has headlice ther is no chance of get any comb through his hair can any one suggest the best treat ment as i dont think the creme on will soak through his dreads n realy dont want to cut them off

littlemissm Sun 15-Aug-10 17:13:31

scooterwitch my friend who has 5 kids all with dreads drenches the hair with oil then shakes the hair to get the lice out she said it always works for her u could use a lice treatment just have to make sure u really rinse the hair.flippyzippy- i have 5 mixed race kids al with different hair texture i find motions the best for mixed race hair i am also a afro hairdresser so i dont have any prpblem with my kids hair i tend to keep it cornrowed as much as possible.Dont wash it to much as it tends to dry the hair out i wash my kids hair with shampoo every 2-3 weeks i use conditioner inbetween & only comb when wet.I have twin girls who have soft ringlets which i find harder to manage than my other 2 girls who have more of an afro texture because it seems to tangle quicker i have to wet & cream the hair everyday for them to be able to wear it down. Could you get her granma to cornrow it then you wouldnt have to worry about it so much?

maygirl Fri 27-Aug-10 22:10:18

Hi, take a look here

I've been getting great results with her technique, using either Tresemme (white bottle) or Herbal Essences (blue bottle) conditioner. I've spent ££s on products in the past and now can't believe getting best results ever with these really cheap conditioners and a hairbrush!! Prefer the curls with the herbal essences conditioner, going to experiment with others.

Delilah123 Wed 18-May-11 08:54:49

great video:

Delilah123 Mon 11-Jul-11 00:36:47


please take a look at this blog. i love this website.

Mortal Mon 01-Aug-11 21:38:31

I use Original Sprout miracle detangler on my sons little head of hair, I barely wash it either, maybe once every other week or so. I like these products as they are all natural products and his hair looks curly not frizzy with them. They also deter lice apparently, he's yet to mix with kids so I'm yet to test that theory.

Mortal Mon 01-Aug-11 21:39:21

Delilah123 Wed 03-Aug-11 17:51:21

Just had my laugh of the day...

She uses original sprout too. I've bitten the bullet and ordered some blended beauty products. They arrived all wrapped up like a present...gorgeous! Yet to try them out.

Delilah123 Wed 03-Aug-11 17:52:57

Just had my laugh of the day...

She uses original sprout too. I've bitten the bullet and ordered some blended beauty products. They arrived all wrapped up like a present...gorgeous! Yet to try them out.

Mortal Thu 04-Aug-11 10:22:22

Awwww!! Poor kid!

Mortal Thu 04-Aug-11 10:24:49

Might I add that in John Lewis, a little bottle of the miracle detangler sells for just over £13 but on Amazon a bottle three times the size sells for just over £14.

Delilah123 Tue 23-Aug-11 05:40:23

You guys have got to check this out....apologies I am a huge fan.

Also...this made me hoot with laughter. Haven't seen worzel gummidge in a long time.

Latsia Tue 23-Aug-11 05:54:29

Stop! Anyone trying to drag a brush through curly hair stop it! You can't treat it the same way as straight or wavy hair and there really is no need for your child to endure it. Comb through gently with a wide toothed comb while it's wet and has conditioner in it (must have conditioner on or it will just snap), rinse, put your final leave-in product then wrap in a micro fibre towel to dry. Don't touch it!

maypole1 Tue 23-Aug-11 21:59:04

And don't be tempted to wash it every time she has a bath Afro hair can brake with to much washing

Delilah123 Tue 23-Aug-11 21:59:45

Het true, and yet people keep doing it. It hurts silly, and it breaks like you say. I pile on the seta goer or leave in conditioner if I'm not washing andcdetangle with fingers.

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