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Of Mice and Maltesers - the new thread for Round Two

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artifarti Thu 17-Jun-10 11:33:31

Hello everyone and welcome to the new thread for Round Two!

To recap, the basic rules are:
No chicklit
No abuse memoir type stuff
No horror
No hardbacks

Auto/biography is allowed as long as it?s not anything too obscure (or crap, obviously).

Chocolate to the value of about £2 each time.

Here is the list:

johnworf is a new member so be nice! wink

As before, please email me at artifarti at hotmail dot co dot uk with the initials of your chosen book and author (e.g. ROTN by TH for Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy) so I can check there are no duplicates. I will assume all your name, address and chocolate details remain the same unless you tell me otherwise (johnworf, please send me yours)

Please do this on or before July 10th. Then I will email you all with the name of the new person you are to post the books to (we are reversing, for anyone that hasn't picked that up.)

No-one has indicated that they want to drop out so I am assuming not at the moment.
I have now read all the books so I am thinking about which was my favourite - so many good ones, a difficult choice.

AgentProvocateur Thu 17-Jun-10 23:09:43

That's better!

I have a dilemma about the next book. I have two in mind, but they're both a bit depressing, and I know that some people found my first choice a bit miserable.

I will decide in the next week, Arti, and I'll send an email.

Thanks for organising this again.

pooter Thu 17-Jun-10 23:13:06

Woo hoo!

Are we going to vote on the best book? I cant remember them off the top of my head - any chance we can get a list up?

Are we going anticlockwise this time (as it where!)

Can someone choose a book for me i am confused and dont know which to pick,,,,time is ticking......

Thanks Arti

artifarti Fri 18-Jun-10 07:29:14

pooter - yes, I will post up a list of all the books on July 1 (last sending date) and you can email me your favourite. And, yes we are going anticlockwise.

artifarti Fri 18-Jun-10 08:41:25

aristocat - posted the next book and your book to you yesterday (early for a change!) Oh, and the chocolate, of course. grin

aristocat Fri 18-Jun-10 13:46:53

thanks arti looking forward to the last one.

nice new thread smile

johnworf Sat 19-Jun-10 14:49:45

Thanks arti smile I've emailed you my details with my book choice.

I've just noticed that I've left off my chocolate preferences (how remiss of me!). I have no particular preferences but am not very fond of white chocolate.

artifarti Sun 20-Jun-10 08:10:06

johnworf and itsjustafleshwound - emails duly received, thank you.

Dysgu - I think you will be the last one to get poshwellies book (is that right?) Can you send it back to her, please? Have emailed to see if she would like to rejoin so will wait and see.

Central heating on here this morning - mid-June in the south of England! Ridiculous!

aristocat Sun 20-Jun-10 14:37:53

arti was going to ask you if you could contact poshwellies and see if she wanted to come back, but i see you have already done it.
i think i have my book choice for the next round and will email you soon.
we have glorious sunshine today smile

Itsjustafleshwound Wed 23-Jun-10 13:23:47

Month of July: Read the last book (Pooter's)- post the name of our top choice??

August: Post off new book and choc to Lola and post Pooter's book back to her??

Seems simple enough, but just had to write it down to confirm confused

New book isn't a happy read, but other choices were all books that I am sure everyone has heard of or read ... sorry!!

aristocat Wed 23-Jun-10 18:16:48

dysgu have posted to you today (your book and the July one poshwellies) so should arrive in a day or two hopefully smile

i enjoyed your book and will add my thoughts soon.

AgentProvocateur Thu 24-Jun-10 19:01:48

stickylittlefingers thanks for posting this month's book so early.

Dysgu Thu 24-Jun-10 21:26:08

aristocat thank you for the book(s) and the chocolate. It was quite a day for parcels today as there was that one and a HUGE parcel for DD1 from Disney as we were 'good' enough to play on their website and post feedback. The bag was huge filled with stuff - but no letter or anything so took us a few minutes to work out why we had Xmas come early! (Had given up on the goodie bag arriving as they promised it weeks ago so was a lovely surprise.)

And, the only reason I was home to take delivery of these parcels is because DD2 was sent home from the childminder's - the doctor has confirmed that it probably is chicken pox! Still, better to get it when she is only 18 months old - DD1 had it aged 6 months so that is fine. I was 26 when I had it and it was AWFUL!

Still not selected my next book - but have been re-reading my book shelves to find one. Several contenders but again, trying to find something everyone will not have already read.

arti do you happen to have Poshwellies' email address handy for sending her book? I think I must still have it buried in my email inbox but not sure - when did we all start this so I know where abouts to hunt?!

Love the new thread...

aristocat Thu 24-Jun-10 22:47:29

dysgu isnt it weird getting your own book back hmm

hope DD2 gets better soon and has enough spots that she doesnt catch it again, my DD has had c/pox 3 times shock but only probably 12 spots each time.

artifarti Sat 26-Jun-10 11:37:30

AgentProvocateur - email received, many thanks.

Dysgu - have sent poshwellies' details again.

itsjusta... - sounds right to me, yes.

stickylittlefingers Mon 28-Jun-10 13:39:16

so just to make sure I understand (easily confused!) - I shouldn't expect a book for next month, which would have been the last one (AP's), but then we'll get our marching orders for the August restart from Arti...

AP you're welcome, hope you have a lovely holiday!

I'll be off on hols from end of July through beginning of August, so I guess I should post off a bit early.

I have a pret love bar on my desk. Just deciding will I make the difficult phone call before or after it... confused

aristocat Mon 28-Jun-10 20:08:20

arti you have mail grin

PistachioLemon Tue 29-Jun-10 14:00:53

Arti you also have mail from me. I'm so nervous, I hope you don't all hate my book.

johnworf Tue 29-Jun-10 18:18:04

What date do we post out our first book?

AgentProvocateur Tue 29-Jun-10 22:56:40

slf you won't get my book next month because it's gone missing in the post, but if you can get hold of it out the library, you should give it a shot. Out of all of them, it was the most like yours, so I think you'd like it. xx

artifarti Wed 30-Jun-10 15:49:41

slf and PLemon - emails received, thank you.

Stand by everyone for tomorrow's list for voting to commence!

Itsjustafleshwound Wed 30-Jun-10 16:35:21

johnworf - we post the new round of books from 1 August - I think you will be posting to maria2007 ...

aristocat Wed 30-Jun-10 17:22:01

arti did you get my email?

artifarti Wed 30-Jun-10 18:20:14

No aristocat, 'fraid not. Try again and I'll check: (not .com)

Dysgu Wed 30-Jun-10 19:52:35

arti thank you for the address to return the book - have not got round to starting it yet due to rereading my bookshelves to select my next book. Even resorted to going up into the loft to hunt out a book I always recommend and I think that is going to be the one - just wonder if it is too simple but I like it...

I will send the details to you arti but imagine it has not been high on everyone's 'must read' list, but then, you never know!

As for DD2 and her chickenpox - yes, she has/had it fabulously well! She has been a walking pox but is now all crusty and heading back to the childminders tomorrow. DD1 and DD2 are now both unlikely EVER to catch it again considering how well they have caught it.

Hope everyone else is enjoying this warm weather - I have two afternoons off each week and we have been spending lots of time at the beach. DD1 has also taken a liking for cricket although playing it at a 3 year old level is fairly simple!

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