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Are there 11 people around who would like to join a book swap with me?

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TheChilliMoose Tue 23-Jun-09 14:16:46

Preferably one where people are happy with chick-lit and the mindless enjoyment that it gives me. grin

RumourOfAHurricane Tue 23-Jun-09 18:48:05

Message withdrawn

TheChilliMoose Tue 23-Jun-09 18:56:36

Suits me, yes grin

LovelyRitaMeterMaid Tue 23-Jun-09 18:57:31

Ooh yes I love chick lit smile

seeker Tue 23-Jun-09 18:57:53

Me - but can some of them not be chick - lit but still low brow?

TabithaTwitchet Tue 23-Jun-09 19:16:47

I'd like to join - how does it work exactly - do we all agree on the books beforehand?

RumourOfAHurricane Tue 23-Jun-09 19:52:31

Message withdrawn

TheChilliMoose Tue 23-Jun-09 19:53:43

Yes, not all chick-lit is fine with me. Hang on, I saw some guidelines earlier, will find them.

TheChilliMoose Tue 23-Jun-09 19:55:10

Here we go, courtesy of FlameSparrow:
1. Get 12 members (one for each month of the year).

2. Decide if you have any banned genres (chick lit/mis lit etc)

3. Decide a date each month you post books.

4. Make the members into a list to show who posts to who (post the the person after you on the list).

5. Exchange addresses (either just the people posting tell their poster, or a sort of mass address giving via email that gets forwarded to everyone/the right person via a co-ordinator).

6. Post book (pref with MN name written in it!)

7. Read, enjoy and comment on that books thread

TheChilliMoose Tue 23-Jun-09 20:02:41

I haven't read any Anna Karenina, nor have I heard of her, but I shall steer clear for you. smile

So that's five of us. I can't see any reason why we couldn't do it between us. What do you all think?

Zorayda Tue 23-Jun-09 20:14:13

Ooh, I think six would be a far superior number, if you'll have me! smile

TheChilliMoose Tue 23-Jun-09 20:19:27

Of course smile

Now, when would people like to send their books?

And would people be happy to email me their addresses and I email them out to the person who needs them? (if that made any sense at all)

RumourOfAHurricane Tue 23-Jun-09 20:22:43

Message withdrawn

tjacksonpfc Tue 23-Jun-09 20:25:20

can i join or is it to late?

TheChilliMoose Tue 23-Jun-09 20:32:27

It's never too late tjackonpfc smile

I've never done one before, shineon, so I reckon we send a book of our choice (that we have enjoyed) to a designated person.

How does sending your book by this Friday sound, or does anyone want a bit more time?

My email address is

Please email me your address with your MN name. I will email you a person to send your book to before Friday.

And I guess we can have more people join up to Friday, so if anyone sees the thread and fancies giving it a go, do join us smile

TheChilliMoose Tue 23-Jun-09 20:33:35

Oh, and write your MN name inside the book that you have read and are sending. When you get a book to read, add your name to the list. This way we can make sure someone doesn't get the same book twice.

TabithaTwitchet Tue 23-Jun-09 20:55:29

Have e-mailed you

seeker Tue 23-Jun-09 20:56:16

Oh and make sure you don't say on here what book you're sending so it'll be a surprise!

LovelyRitaMeterMaid Tue 23-Jun-09 21:00:27

I have emailed you smile

RumourOfAHurricane Tue 23-Jun-09 21:03:23

Message withdrawn

Zorayda Tue 23-Jun-09 21:43:19

Just emailed you smile

TheChilliMoose Tue 23-Jun-09 23:16:23

I've had emails from Tabitha, LovelyRita, Shiney and Seeker.
Zorayda, did you send one?
I'm getting quite excited now smile

RumourOfAHurricane Wed 24-Jun-09 11:32:58

Message withdrawn

TheChilliMoose Wed 24-Jun-09 11:44:08

I still haven't heard from Zorayda - please try sending it again.
I'll email people tomorrow with the details of where to send. Shineon, I am intregued!

Zorayda Wed 24-Jun-09 18:37:13

Hi there

Just tried sending it again. If that fails, would you mind emailing me, and I'll respond? 'Tis mnzorayda @ hotmail co uk without the spaces and with the dots, iyswim.

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