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2nd Chapter, part 2.... Janeite's book

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Jas Mon 03-Nov-08 20:46:16


Flamesparrow Sun 16-Nov-08 14:26:10

Nothing I would have chosen, but really looking forward to reading it (just finishing Eldest first). I can see it costing me a small fortune though hmm

Flamesparrow Sun 30-Nov-08 21:08:23

I felt a bit disappointed tbh I expected to end up feeling all needing of different flavours etc, but just ended up feeling a bit like "yeah, we know you're a rich kid", and the flavours were more named foods. Does that make sense??

Flamesparrow Sun 30-Nov-08 21:08:44

It has made me realise I know sod all about India though and want to learn more

janeite Mon 01-Dec-08 19:28:40

Yes - that totally makes sense Flame. I expected a lot from it, as she writes so evocatively about food normally and I didn't feel that she managed to bring it all to life as well as she might. Lots of the historical detail was new to me though and made me realise, exactly as you say, that I know shockingly little about the country and its history.

wheresthehamster Sun 14-Dec-08 21:14:00

I liked the idea of the book and started reading avidly. But I felt the writing was flat and I didn't warm to her or her family unfortunately.

I have been to Delhi as a hotel-cosseted tourist and was looking forward to reading about real life but all the details about the food just brought back horrible memories of how ill we were out there! grin

Jas Mon 02-Mar-09 19:43:58

I was also disappointed with this one. I would have given up on it fairly early on if it hadn't been a bookclub book. It wasn't bad, just not that good.
I also didn't warm to the family, the food just seemed a distraction, and the multiple chapter headings were very annoying.

janeite Sat 21-Mar-09 11:25:54

I am now beginning to think that in the next book circle I should send a book I love, rather than one I had lying around knowing I would never re-read - brace yourselves for some Jane Austen next time then ladies!

andirobo Sun 02-Aug-09 21:37:25

Well this book was okay as in an easy read, but seemed not to know where it belonged! Was it a life story, history book or cookery book! Whatever she was trying to achieve with this, it didnt work. I thought it was interesting in that I know very little about Indian history, and some interesting points were raised which may have shaped the heritage of alot of Indian people - all the ones I know have been well to do - not rich, but educated and have families with professional jobs.

The food aspect of it was a bit surplus to the book - a lot of describing things, but not being a fan of indian food, it all meant little to me!

yogabird Fri 04-Sep-09 20:45:31

Sorry, wanted to like it but didn't get past about a quarter, it just didn't click with me

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