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2nd Chaper, part 2..... MegBusset's book

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Jas Mon 03-Nov-08 20:41:47


andyrobo237 Mon 01-Dec-08 21:38:07

Meg - sorry I just couldnt get into this book at all - not sure if it was the words that I didnt understand, or the style of writing, or the conditions I am reading the book in (in half light in DS's room while he drops off!). It started off interesting, but was not for me!

EachPeachPearMum Tue 30-Dec-08 02:54:06

Well- I thought I was going to hate this... but I actually really enjoyed it!
It is very surreal, but the characters are fabulous.
Lots of words I didn't understand blush but some great descriptions, situations etc.
Difficult to tell where 'reality' leaves off and fantasy takes over, but that's not really too much of a problem.

janeite Wed 04-Feb-09 22:35:35

I enjoyed this hugely, although it took me much longer to read than a book that size would normally - I think because it wasn't "calling" me and making me want to finish it in the way that a more plot-driven novel would, so I was only really reading it at bed time.

I loved the characters of W, F and L and thought some of the writing was wonderful: bawdy and shocking and hilarious, with the most amazing little sound-bite bites that made me keep nodding in agreement.

Great fun - a hit, thanks Meg.

BandMeeting Wed 04-Mar-09 20:11:38

Well, I've finished it.

I also felt it wasn't calling to me.

I was a bit disappointed as it should be the kind of thing I would like, but it just all felt a bit disjointed and random - like too many short stories whacked together rather than one planned out big one iyswim. I also had to look up half the words blush

wheresthehamster Mon 06-Apr-09 23:58:02

Enjoyed what little I read. I'm going to buy a copy and finish it at my leisure

Jas Sun 31-May-09 22:29:50

I think I'm going to have to admit defeat on this one. I just couldn't get into it at all.

Reading everyone else's comments I'm now confused. Admittedly it has taken almost a month for me to read just over 100 pages, but I don't think there were words I didn't understand in it......

I will try again for a few more days but unless it suddenly inspires me, I won't be at all bothered by not finishing it.

Sorry, Meg.

yogabird Fri 04-Sep-09 20:49:37

sorry, I didn't like it either - just didn't care about any of the characters sad

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