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2nd Chaper, part 2..... Yogabird's book

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Jas Mon 03-Nov-08 20:40:02


cyanarasamba Wed 05-Nov-08 12:55:54

I just got this through my door, and it looks great! I love a bit of history to get my teeth into. Will take it to Center Parcs this weekend for a bit of holiday reading.

yogabird Wed 19-Nov-08 22:04:11

do hope you like it, do hope you like it! fingers crossed emoticon!

cyanarasamba Fri 28-Nov-08 09:40:11

A harrowing story but one I enjoyed very much. Particularly liked the level of historic detail which was cleverly woven into the novel such that it did not seem to intrude too much.

The ending seemed quite fantastical but was a nice touch!

yogabird Mon 01-Dec-08 20:50:30

really glad you liked it smile

MegBusset Sun 07-Dec-08 21:44:11

I've just raced through this in a week! I'm not usually a huge fan of historical fiction but thought this was tremendous. Very well-written and moving (I blubbed in several places). Good choice

yogabird Sat 13-Dec-08 21:01:27

hey, fab grin So glad you liked it. I haven't liked either of my first two this time round sad Hoping for a better one in the New Year.

andyrobo237 Sat 31-Jan-09 21:13:32

I loved this book too!! Would not have chosen it as dont usually like historical novels, but was greatly impressed!!

yogabird Tue 03-Feb-09 20:40:57

goody goody, so glad you all like it grin

yogabird Fri 03-Apr-09 20:58:57

ok so a couple of you did like it at first but since then no-one else did or could muster enough enthusiasm to comment? No-one at all? Has it got lost again? (my last year's disappeared after a few months)....

yogabird Mon 04-May-09 14:51:41

so it's now MAy....... anyone read it recently who might care to comment? Come on girls, i won't be offendedgrin

Jas Tue 05-May-09 21:14:30

No. I haven't had it yet, but do check all the threads regularly to see what is coming my way.

At least we know it isn't lost!

wheresthehamster Fri 08-May-09 08:07:06

Just started and enjoying it. I like books with strong women characters. Will get back to you!

wheresthehamster Sat 09-May-09 10:08:42

Have finished it now and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope the author continues to write novels in this style.

One thing - why didn't Anna succumb to the plague? It started from her cottage and she was in contact with lots of the victims. Did she ever mention this herself?

I liked the ending. I like happy endings! And especially when there's a surprise in the last paragraph!

Thanks yogabird smile

yogabird Sun 17-May-09 20:48:45

I don't know why she stayed healthy - some just did and others not I guess. You look as if you read it quickly - I did too and found myself (usually an early to bed kind of bird) sitting in front of a dying fire sobbing when the son got ill - really sobbing sad I am really gald you enjoyed it.

Jas Mon 29-Jun-09 07:44:21

This has been my favourite book of this years swap so far. I loved it.

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