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2nd Chaper, part 2..... Mybabyisinthegarden's book

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Jas Mon 03-Nov-08 20:38:52


Baffies Fri 21-Nov-08 23:03:03

oh dear..I am shallow...
I cant get past the author's lack of research..."registered" buildings and asking permission to paint windows a different colour from the "National Trust"....sloppy sloppy fact checking...
but the characters are so good I am going to persevere (especially as I suspect my book choice will be universally slated - although it has suited my state of mind this year, new baby and all!)

Baffies Tue 02-Dec-08 22:27:51

actually I put my prejudice aside and...I enjoyed this! And I dont even like snooker!

yogabird Sat 13-Dec-08 21:03:23

am not liking it so far but will give it another chance based on your comments baffies... not optimistic though - tonight is its last chance!

cyanarasamba Mon 12-Jan-09 14:14:35

I'm halfway through and really enjoying it so far. I was initially put off by the other famous book written by the same author which I've not read but has always struck me as very unpleasant.

The "sliding doors" angle is appealing but might possibly get annoying by the end - we shall see!

cyanarasamba Sat 17-Jan-09 21:06:48

I enjoyed it right to the end, great choice thanks. I love having a book on the go that I really look forward to reading at the end of each day and it was great that it was so chunky!

The parallel story structure held my interest well and I felt very involved in the everyday lives of the characters.

Looks like this could be another "marmite" book!

MegBusset Tue 03-Mar-09 18:38:41

Couldn't get going with this one at all, sorry

Just didn't grab me and I didn't really have time this month for such a long book.

andirobo Fri 03-Apr-09 21:10:42

This very large book was a good read, interesting with the parallel lives bit - and quite realistic and you dont even need to like snooker!

Not sure I 'got' the end - who did she end up with, or was that the point??!!

wheresthehamster Wed 26-Aug-09 10:57:40

Wow! No one else read this since April???

I'm glad I persevered with this as I didn't think I was going to like it. By about two-thirds of the way through I couldn't wait to get into bed and read more!

It's a grating book in some ways. Ramsey's utterances especially 'ducky'(aaargh!), the stereotypes, Irina's acceptance of the shortcomings of the men. (Why didn't she mention that secretive Russia trip to Lawrence that she found out about? And to not be included! I'd have gone berserk).

But I really enjoyed it. Not something I would have bought or picked up in the library so thanks Mybaby!

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