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sophiewd Wed 12-Mar-08 22:01:56

This is GETORFMOILANDS choice.

I have read it before when it was first published as everyone was raving about this and his other book, I wasn't keen last time and wasn't agin this time, my feeling was that it was too complicated a story and the more interesting characters were never developed. I also wanted to slap her most of the way through as I found her intensley irritating and really didn't like her and couldn't sympathise, want her to succeed. I have just read 2 other books revolving around the same theme and none of this rang true but the author has done his research. It did amuse me though that had my Aunts been a few years older they would have been exactly like her flatmates.

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MrsWeasley Thu 17-Apr-08 11:00:22

Struggled to get into this book at first but once I did I coudn't put it down until towards the end when it seemed to drag on and on. I felt the urge to shout "oh get on with it" several times.blush Overall I did enjoy it and an very glad I read it. grin

sophiewd Sat 19-Apr-08 15:36:27

Blardy hell, you read quickly

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sophiewd Sat 19-Apr-08 15:37:34

I also thought it went on abit and remember thinking when I read it the first time that it was a good 100 or so pages too long. Sadly put me off reading any more of his.

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