Insert Witty Name Here club - bossybrithces book (DF by LS)

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ChirpyGirl Mon 10-Mar-08 20:35:31

So, what did you guys think I loved her other book but found this really quite hard going and I had no sympathy for either of them.
I think that may be because I hate tennis though so would be interested to hear what others though!

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ChirpyGirl Mon 10-Mar-08 20:39:35

Random punctuation, sorry, but blame my headaches!

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bossybritches Mon 10-Mar-08 22:12:12

Funny I had the urge to slap both of them on severl occasions!!

Now I love tennis but ound it difficult to get through too maybe Kevin was a one hit wonder!?

ChirpyGirl Tue 11-Mar-08 06:22:45

Oh dear, it does sound like it doesn't it? I found there was way too much irrelevent detail and it felt like she repeated herself a lot as well. I know some people have said that about Kevin but I didn't notice it. I think I shall have a reread to see!

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