FMF's Original And Best Book Swap: My Best Friend's Girl by Dorothy Koomson

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WigWamBam Sat 23-Feb-08 15:48:51


Really sorry to whoever sent this out but I hated it.

I thought to begin with that I was going to enjoy it; it starts out with quite an interesting concept. And initially it's moving and interesting. The real problem is that it can't make it's mind up what it wants to be: a hard-hitting novel which tackles serious issues, or a fluffy bit of chick-lit. It doesn't really manage either.

The plot is completely unbelievable - and some of the key elements of the story are based on factual inaccuracies (the birth certificate for one). Much of the story is implausible - who would allow a man they dislike to have such a large part of a child's life? - and the characters are one-dimensional, stereotypical and poorly developed.

I suspect the writer has never been near a five year old child and should probably have done so if she wanted to write a book based around one - they neither speak nor act as Tegan does.

I lost interest as soon as I picked up on the birth certificate blunder and realised that the entire plot was based upon something which couldn't possibly have happened - a little research there wouldn't have come amiss either. I was also screaming inwardly in frustration at the appalling typos on every page (but that's just the pedant in me!).

The idea behind this book is a really good one, and it had the potential to be a superb novel. Sadly the execution is terrible.

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MaeWest Tue 01-Apr-08 21:08:03

It wasn't well written, and characters were one-dimensional. I agree with you about the chick lit/hard hitting novel muddle too.

I read it thro to the end, mainly because it was an easy read.

Lulumama Tue 01-Apr-08 21:16:23

i enjoyed it...blush i did not pick up on the birth cert thing.. what was that?

i actually found it quite emotional and enjoyed it, although found it dragged a bit towards teh end

WigWamBam Thu 03-Apr-08 16:22:28

OK, this definitely contains a spoiler ... don't read it if you haven't read the book yet!

Lulumama, the birth certificate has the man's name on it, yet he doesn't know he's Tegan's father. But unmarried women can't register a birth without the father being present. So it couldn't have happened, so the whole plot collapses.

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