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BecauseImWorthIt Wed 13-Feb-08 22:24:13

Well, this was mazzy's choice, so I don't know why she chose it.

But I was interested to receive it as it was a book I already owned and had started but never finished. And I couldn't remember why - didn't have any particular memories of not enjoying it/disliking it, etc.

So I have now read the book, and quite enjoyed it. I found that some bits I really enjoyed and others I just had to 'get through'.

I think one of the stumbling blocks for me with this book was that I could never decide if it was supposed to be serious or funny. Some bits are clearly supposed to be funny (Gloria, for example) but others are more poignant and sad - e.g. main protagonist's relationship with his girlfriend.

I was left (once I'd finished it) admiring the author's writing style, but feeling oddly not really satisfied.

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BecauseImWorthIt Wed 13-Feb-08 22:28:04

Sorry - another thought - although some bits do seem to be funny (lots reminiscent of 70s sitcoms, e.g. Gloria), actually they are also very poignant, leading to the sense that you never know how you're supposed to feel about the characters.

Maybe this is deliberate on behalf of the author, but it didn't lead to a terribly satisfying/enjoyable reading experience for me. Maybe I just like more one dimensional reads!

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jezzemx Fri 07-Mar-08 13:00:35

I thought it was quite clever how the author linked all her characters together through associates, chance meetings, events but I sometimes felt that she was trying too hard. (I could not help thinking if she had overdosed on watching too many episodes of 24 or other programmes from the 90's when there was a glut of programmes whos characters, like hers were all linked together one way or another and slowly the links would unfold !!)

It didn't grip me like I thought it would. It was easy to pick up and put down. I like a book that makes me want to get up before the family in the morning so I can at least read a couple of chapters in peace. This one didn't.

I was left feeling quite disappointed in the ending. The revelation that Gloria had hired Paul Bradley/Ray didn't feel as much as a shock as I think the author was hoping. I was left thinking Ah well that explains that bit then!!!!!

havalina Mon 28-Apr-08 17:29:15

Sorry didn't manage to get round to reading it blush but I'm sending it on tomorrow, and will pick up a copy from the charity shop and read when my heads not so up my arse!

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