The 'Insert Witty Name Here' Bookclub: Forkhandle's book

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bossybritches Wed 20-Feb-08 11:25:48

Not yet but am waiting patiently!!

rosmerta Mon 18-Feb-08 18:16:14

I have bossy, haven't you got yours yet?

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bossybritches Mon 18-Feb-08 16:20:35

rosmerta have you had your next book yet?

rosmerta Sun 10-Feb-08 13:28:27

Now I've read it & posted it on thought I'd comment!

I did quite enjoy it, thought it was quite well-written. I think the only problem was the characters, I didn't really connect with them, found them all a bit stereotypical. And I really really wanted the happy ending, I wanted her to go back!

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