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An Excuse for a Nice Sit Down and a Glass of Something: Dinny's book

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CocoDeBearisCocoDeBear Sat 02-Feb-08 20:13:56


swampster Sun 03-Feb-08 22:59:55

This is a wonderful-sounding book which I have almost bought for myself (rarer than it should be). I can't wait to get my teeth into it but once again I find myself surfing MN and FB instead...

swampster Tue 26-Feb-08 12:31:03

Ooooooooooooooh! I'm in trouble - I haven't managed to finish it yet. I have loads of impressive excuses but I'm enjoying it so much I think I'll have to get Amazon to send another copy on so I can finish it.

swampster Sat 19-Apr-08 23:44:29

I've been meaning to post here for a while. I really enjoyed this book and it was lovely to lose myself in a culture that is so different to any that I am familiar with. I thought it was depressingly accurate on how oppressed people shoot themselves in the foot time and again by not standing by one another. Specifically the relish taken by some of the women at the misfortunes of other women. Oddly (not wanting to belittle the situation at all), in my own experience, the whole atmosphere really reminded me of boarding school where you are hostage to the whims of petty minded adults responsible for your 'pastoral care' and prefects who are apparently chosen for their Taliban qualities.

1dilemma Sat 19-Apr-08 23:58:26

Has Dinny written a book?

swampster Sun 20-Apr-08 16:24:14

Just swapped a few as far as I know grin.

1dilemma Sun 20-Apr-08 21:20:48


missingtheaction Mon 05-May-08 20:31:00

i read this one a while back - really enjoyed it, amazing insight and soooooo grateful not to have had to do it myself.

missingtheaction Mon 05-May-08 20:33:54

sorry everyone - and now i don't know whose book I am reading (black one, set in Italy) and whether it is time to send it on. Help!

swampster Mon 12-May-08 21:24:24

Missing! You are not missing after all! It is well past time to post again (28th April) and I very nearly made it to the post office to post your next book today but not quite blush. Tomorrow... apologies.

Your last book was Coco's.

swampster Wed 14-May-08 11:19:32

Missing - you said on the fess up thread that you were moving. Do I need to post to a diferent address?

missingtheaction Fri 16-May-08 21:34:07

hello again folks, I am about to send a book on to mehdismummy but I don't know whose book it was in the first place! Timoleon Vieta Come Home.

have to confess I struggled with this book and didn't finish it. I am one of those people who needs a character to empathise with and I just didn't take to anyone in this one!

yes I do have a new address but everything is being forwarded, Swampster I will email you with my new address in a min

Psychomum5 Tue 01-Jul-08 11:59:42

am hoping tis the right book from the right person....

loved it....took me a while to start it, TBH the blurb made me a littlehmm...blush.

BUT....suffice to say, very good book, took a couple of days to read, made me very sad and angry for how the women are portrayed, and made me realise just how lucky and fortunate I actually am. made me think!!!

Flamesparrow Sat 19-Jul-08 17:13:33

I'm part way through - I am really enjoying learning about a completely different life

Oxygen Sun 27-Jul-08 23:49:37


Learnt a lot and enjoyed it, but where it was real it was a bit bitty and not that satisfying story feel iyswim.

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