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An Excuse for a Nice Sit Down and a Glass of Something: PsychoMum's book

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CocoDeBearisCocoDeBear Sat 02-Feb-08 20:05:50


Psychomum5 Sat 02-Feb-08 20:06:45

beginning to get it now......grin

CocoDeBearisCocoDeBear Sat 02-Feb-08 20:07:26


Psychomum5 Sat 02-Feb-08 20:07:37

I liked this by the book that iswink

read it all in one day, which was why I decided it was to be the ne to send to everyone!

FlameNFurter Sat 02-Feb-08 23:23:44

I want time to read more than a page at a time <sob>

(Well, not several pages at the same time, lots in one session wink)

FlameNFurter Wed 06-Feb-08 21:00:48

Psychomum5 Sat 01-Mar-08 21:08:29




was still a good book IMO

FlossieTCake Sun 27-Jul-08 23:10:20

So glad you have 'fessed up on the main thread, Psycho

This has been on my "want-to-read" list for aaaaaaages so I was so pleased to get it, and it was a really, really good read.

I was particularly impressed at the way the author makes Tess a believable teenager. Lesser writers might have been tempted to turn her into a complete saint, but I wanted to slap her for most of the book - the monumental self-obsession of a teenager focused through the prism of imminent mortality is a pretty lethal combination.

Worth it for the last 50 pages alone - I thought this had the most incredible ending of any book I have ever read and I was sobbing buckets.

Cocodrillo Thu 31-Jul-08 18:14:59

I was delighted to receive this book, as I'd been interested in reading it for a while, but was concerned it might be too childish or too mawkish. But it was neither.

The ending was really moving. All the way through I wondered how the author was going to tackle the inevitable death scene - and she handled it really really well. The language was beautiful, without being overly sentimental.

Tessa was no saint, in fact she was often a total PITA, but the book really brought home the utter unfairness of her diagnosis, and the tragic waste of such a young life.

squilly Wed 15-Oct-08 20:44:43

I looked at this and groaned slightly (sorry) as I'm not a fan of mislit, but this was strangely uplifting. I loved it.

It was very simply written and, as you say, the main character was sometimes a PITA, but the story was totally believable. It was sweet without being saccharine; sad without being morbid. I read it in one sitting.

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