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seeker Sun 27-Jan-08 08:03:02

I'm starting this thread because Stacey's got too much going on in her life at the moment - hope you don't mind!

My heart sank a bit when this book arrived -I've tried one of hers before and I have such a very low gore threshold that I had to skip all the post mortems and stuff, so I had absolutely no idea what was going on! But I bravely started - and discovered that I was really enjoying it. I was carried along by the story and I found it very exciting -and not too gory! I was a bit disappointed at the ending though, it seemed to come all of a sudden with a lot of loose ends not tied up. I really wanted more about the motivation of one group in particular - it felt as if there was something missing. Unless there's a follow on?

I'm also shallow enough to want to like at least some of the characters in a book - and I hated everyone in this one - is it just me who wants to SLAP Dr Kay?!

I was really pleased to get something outside my comfort zone though, and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you Stacey!

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IdrisTheDragon Tue 25-Mar-08 09:13:09

I have to admit that I really tried with this book, but never managed to get anywhere blush.

I do feel bad about it, but hopefully the next person to read it will get further through than I did.

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