QUICHE BOOK CLUB - please post here if you have not sent or not received your book

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MamaGsickOfBookClub Wed 23-Jan-08 15:48:39

thank you. It would be helpful if you could trawl through look at the getting organised thread to see who is sending to you/who you are sending to and let me know on here


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sophiewd Wed 23-Jan-08 15:54:42

Think I am sorted now thank you and sorry, IsthereAnybodyOutThere has promised to send today/tomorrow. But Don't think she has got a book her sender is GetOfMoiLand/Kittylouise.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 23-Jan-08 15:55:34


I originally posted a book a couple of weekends ago, however I was the one whose dickhead daft dp didn't put enough stamps on the jiffy bag. The book hasn't come back to me, and I doubt whether it would have been actually posted. I have sent yesterday another book (mamag have emailed you the book title) and I hope to god it gets there.

Used to be called kittylouise by the way

MamaGsickOfBookClub Wed 23-Jan-08 15:56:48

Thank you both! So you are both sorted? <sighs with relief> grin

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sophiewd Wed 23-Jan-08 15:58:54

Think that was it apart from Mazzystar who you have spoken too.

MamaGsickOfBookClub Wed 23-Jan-08 15:59:34

so this was a completely unecessary thread then grin

....until next month <pokes own eyeballs out in despair!>

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BecauseImWorthIt Wed 23-Jan-08 22:03:22

<pats MamaG pathetically on the head>


twofishes Wed 23-Jan-08 22:30:38

hello (waving meekly in corner) I have sent my book to Onehackedoffmuma and received one from Mrs Weasley all good and dandy but have not seen anything from hacked off re receiving her book???? am bit worried ..anyone seen her around ?
Mama hate to add to your workload could you email her to check she got it okay, even it was too crap to bother turning the PC on to mention blush...thanks

MamaGloriousSunshine Thu 24-Jan-08 13:19:27

Have emailed her, fishface grin

twofishes Thu 24-Jan-08 16:51:33

Thanks MamaSunshine grin

MamaGloriousSunshine Thu 24-Jan-08 17:44:57

Yes, she has received it - will post some comments when she's less busy

twofishes Fri 25-Jan-08 19:53:16

thank you !!! grin

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 26-Jan-08 12:36:39

I still haven't received my . Sorry, but I'm getting a bit hacked off with this. I thought mazzystar's dh was going to post this sometime during the week?

MamaGenius Sat 26-Jan-08 15:11:01

oh no! I will email her again

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 26-Jan-08 15:40:12

Thanks MamaG (like the new name, btw!)

MamaGenius Sat 26-Jan-08 15:40:47

You're welcome

BecauseImWorthIt Mon 28-Jan-08 14:53:38

Well, post has been and gone and still no book. What did mazzystar say, MamaG?

Why don't you just tell me the title of the book and I'll go and buy another copy, then mazzystar can either be in or out of the circle, but her book choice will still remain? Then whoever was sending to mazzystar can just send direct to me?

BecauseImWorthIt Mon 28-Jan-08 18:28:58

Don't know what's going on with her, but she has been posting - I searched and she posted last on Friday.

why do people sign up for something if they can't be bothered?

MamaG Tue 29-Jan-08 12:09:57

oh bum, I don't know - she hasn't replied to me lately. She was very keen to begin with, she even started the thread before I took over!

i don't know what to do [anxious]

If she doesn't want to do it anymore, perhaps she could send you the book she received and bow out? I'll try to email her again

MamaG Tue 29-Jan-08 14:18:22

beat you grin

BecauseImWorthIt Tue 29-Jan-08 14:19:01

... hic, tripped over on the way here

BecauseImWorthIt Tue 29-Jan-08 14:19:41

Did you know, MamaG, I really love you. No, really, I really, really love you


<dribbles attractively>

MamaG Tue 29-Jan-08 14:23:25

I will email her now

MamaG Tue 29-Jan-08 14:27:28

OK biwi, i have emailed mazzy again just now and will let you knwo the outcome

BecauseImWorthIt Tue 29-Jan-08 15:38:25


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