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Second chapter: mairseydotes' book

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mybabysinthegarden Fri 18-Jan-08 15:52:55

Note correct placement of apostrophe.

yogabird Fri 18-Jan-08 20:49:18

i love apostrophes in the right place! I remember being absurdly pleased when i posted about dd's verrucae (now gone completely, thanks) and someone said that they were impressed at the use of the plural blush! Trouble is my spell check is now questioning it, so the nagging doubts are creeping in....
Anyway, I can't wait for the next person to read Mairsey's book so that i can talk to them about it. It was one of the oddest books i've ever read and it wasn't until i was explaining it to my mum on the phone last night that i realised just how weird it was! I enjoyed the experience of reading something so different from my normal stuff but wouldn't read it again, nor seek out anything else by the author. I quite liked the end but felt as though she should have fallen as rain or snow and finished soaking into the ground. It was a bit gross in places and faintly disturbing in a far removed from reality way. I won't be picking up a hitcher in the near future! Thanks Mairseydotes for the experience grin

cyanarasamba Fri 01-Feb-08 21:44:56

Couldn't help peeking and am now intrigued! Fingers crossed I should get it tomorrow!

cyanarasamba Thu 21-Feb-08 21:15:22

Like yogabird I enjoyed reading something I wouldn't normally have chosen. This book is thought-provoking but I'm just not sure it's the kind of thing I want to think about... There are people in this book experiencing some pretty horrific stuff. What saved it for me is that it is extremely well written and compelling. I'd be interested to know what point others feel it was trying to make - a simple plug for vegetarianism maybe?

yogabird Tue 26-Feb-08 20:55:40

Cyranasamba, do you think the point was maybe just 'control & exploitation gone mad'? The willingness to sacrifice others for the gratification of one's own desires. She was mutilated and used, she in turn carried this on here and prevented the possibility of stopping the 'trade' when the lovely silky one (forgot his name, but the master's son) came down and saw that the men were sentient beings trying to communicate and pleading for mercy.

cyanarasamba Wed 27-Feb-08 12:26:49

Yes you're probably right yogabird, but I'm not sure to what extent the author is trying to reflect what she feels is already embedded in our society (cruelty to living creatures) or whether it is merely a warning of what we might become without proper restraint?

MegBusset Thu 20-Mar-08 13:41:09

I've just finished this book, it was a compelling read, I didn't really know what to make of it until I was some way in. It reminded me of early Iain Banks or Anne McCaffrey, that kind of slightly SF, slightly horror thing. I would have liked a bit more explanation of where Isserley came from and how she ended up in her 'job'. But it was very intriguing and different from my normal kind of book.

EachPeachPearMum Fri 31-Oct-08 23:49:39

What on earth was this? (It never got to me I'm afraid)

Jas Sat 01-Nov-08 21:20:39

No didn't reach me, eithersad

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