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Second chapter: Dontdreamit's book

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mybabysinthegarden Fri 18-Jan-08 15:39:17


mybabysinthegarden Sat 19-Jan-08 22:27:17

This was a real page-turner-- with crime fiction currently stuffed with CSI/forensic/pathological detail (which I like, but am starting to get a bit scunnered on) now I really like that JD based this one around a relatively unknown field. I thought that he contrived a bit too hard in some of the situations to have her be at the centre of the action-- sort of like in Patricia Cornwell when Scarpetta is always running around investigating crimes when really her post ought only to involve hanging about the mortuary and waiting for the bodies to roll in. But the book's such a rollercoaster ride, with all the near misses, I forgave this point.

Kathryn and the team were so trusting of the book author at the beginning I was sure he was going to turn out to be a baddie-- never guessed who Pell's real accomplice was!

DontDreamItBeIt Thu 14-Feb-08 18:08:00

What does scunnered mean?

I aree it was a bit contrived in places, and I wasn't really convinced by the ending either tbh, but I still enjoyed it as a change from my usual reading material[smile

mybabysinthegarden Thu 21-Feb-08 23:05:11

Scunnered is a Scottishism I've picked up from dh; it's sort of like when you eat so much of something you love that it makes you sick and you can't stand the sight of it again. I think. I actually read quite a bit of detective fiction and I think JD is pretty great. One thing I liked about this that set it apart from typical whodunnits is that you know whodunnit from the start, and the story is all about the chase.

Another thing, do you remember towards the end when Kathryn's mum hears something outside while Pell is on the run, but it turns out to be nothing? I wondered if he'd maybe tried out a different ending and that was a little bit relating to it that got left in.

yogabird Fri 28-Mar-08 21:29:03

I quite enjoyed it, have read a couple of his before. I agree about the noise outside - wanted that resolving. I really didn#t want Winston to be a bad 'un and wanted a happy ever after ending for her and the kids but... heigh ho!

Thanks, liked the read

mybabysinthegarden Sat 05-Apr-08 14:05:40

I guess if she got her love life sorted out in this one it wouldn't pave the way for a sequel... smile

cyanarasamba Tue 06-May-08 09:44:09

Yes I enjoyed this one - like a good thriller and thanks for introducing me to a new author.

MegBusset Sun 18-May-08 21:30:03

I am about 100 pages into this one and am enjoying it, it is an easy read and not too mentally challenging, but rattling along at a good pace, like watching a slightly cheesy Hollywood thriller!

MegBusset Mon 26-May-08 13:44:45

Just finished. I can't say I really rate it in terms of the quality of the writing (I've been watching The Wire and that kind of raises your expectations of crime drama way, way above what anything like this can deliver) but it was an enjoyable enough, lightweight read.

EachPeachPearMum Wed 22-Oct-08 20:26:43

Could someone please tell me what this book was, as it seems to have disappeared from the circle, and I have been intrigued for months!!!!

Jas Sat 01-Nov-08 21:13:35

blush I can't remember!

MegBusset Sun 02-Nov-08 18:46:19

It was called The Sleeping Doll, by Jeffrey Deaver.

EachPeachPearMum Sun 02-Nov-08 20:56:04

Thanks MB!

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