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thegrowlygus Fri 18-Jan-08 14:00:09

OOOOOOh - I am first here!

Well - I didn't realise until I had posted this book on that it is one of the best selling novels of last year after the Da Vinci Code. blush

So I suspect everyone will already have read it!!

I did enjoy this book, particularly the historical parts and the mystery aspect of it, although the ending was a bit weak (if I remember it rightly as it was a while ago since I read it).


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leoleo Sat 09-Feb-08 12:33:42

I would never have picked this book myself and when I first got it I wasn't sure.. But I LOVE IT!
Although I am worrying about getting it all read in the next 6 days!!
I am only a little bit through it. I'll have to purchase it myself.
Really good. I am really enjoying the older bits of the story and think I'll remember that next time I am looking for a book. Well done growlygus!

leoleo Mon 18-Feb-08 20:58:35

I have just finished reading this book. I bought a copy so I could send on in time.

I thought the ending was ok actually - it kept me interested till the very end and I sometimes start skimming the end of books to finish them!

I though that the author could have expanded the story about the family that wanted the books a little, ie, why the grandfather wanted them so badly and then passed this on to marie-claude.

I didn't feel the same about the present day charecters as I did the historical ones.I felt the historical bits really drew me in and I really started to care about the charecters and what was happening. I thought the author was very good at creating the picture of the older days and I really liked the way she included french as well in the dialogue.

Very well written and very enjoyable inmo.

ellceeell Wed 05-Mar-08 20:24:31

I started this book some time ago and couldn't get into it, so when the Quiche book club copy arrived I felt a bit hmm. However, I thought that I'd give it another go - and I'm really enjoying it smile! I enjoy the historical bits most, but it is all holding together well so far.

sophiewd Sun 04-May-08 10:18:51

Read this for RL book club not so long ago and didn't really enjoy it, read agian and was better, but I think I have overdosed on Grail books to be honest and wasn't much captured by it. I also found that her style of writing was not good for someone who has so much to do with literature.

MrsWeasley Mon 16-Jun-08 00:58:48

Sorry couldn't really get into this but reading other posts perhaps I need to read it a second time.

twofishes Sat 21-Jun-08 20:57:20

this is a book I actually got bought whilst I was in hospital waiting for DD to turn round the right way to get born!! [hmm didn't work!] she is now 2 1/2 yrs old and I have tried to completely read thru' this at least 3 times..and failed blush
Has been passed round some friends and they have had a mixed reaction to it, the latest having loved it staying up til the small hours reading..
However a couple of weeks ago I tried again and I admit defeat!! I just can't get into it, think its the style that just doesn't suit me, too much to-ing and fro-ing I am easily confused...

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