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MamaG Tue 15-Jan-08 21:24:19

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It wasn't too hard going, was funny and sad in places and it was interesting that the same story was seen from different perspectives.

Tis possibly a BIT chicklitty but tough. I liked it grin

REALLY hope you all do too, God it was AWFUL picking!!

Heifer Tue 15-Jan-08 21:43:08

Received it and really looking forward to reading it..

Heifer Mon 04-Feb-08 09:02:01

Have now finished it. It was a fun book, really easy to read and get into.

I liked the 3 person thing going on, but found it hard to read the Gran bit (due to northern accent)....

I could really understand where they were coming from, especially as I am adopted and my dad had dementia... so in some ways very close to home for me.

Thanks Mamag, a good offering...

MamaG Mon 04-Feb-08 12:50:19

Glad you enjoyed it heif

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 23-Apr-08 20:45:20

I had already read this (like all the others I've had so far!) but I'd forgotten how much I'd enjoyed it.

It's much less 'chicklit' than you would expect and has some very poignant and moving moments.

Really enjoyed it, despite being in my sickbed!

jezzemx Fri 09-May-08 23:45:58

I've just finished this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was a shame it had to end!!! (always a good sign of a good read)
It did take me a while at the beginning to work out who was telling the story but once I got used to the layout I couldn't put it down.
In parts it was a hoot and I laughed like a foghorn but it was also filled with alot of emotion, sadness, regret, hope, and happiness.
Loved it !!!!! grin

kslatts Thu 11-Sep-08 06:32:13

When I received the book I thought it was going to be really 'chicklit', but I enjoyed it and it had more depth than I expected.

I agree with jezzemx about not realising who was telling the story at first so it did take me a while to get into it, but once I did it was great.

Was very funny in places but also sad in others, I enjoyed reading the story from the different characters perspectives.

thegrowlygus Fri 10-Oct-08 11:17:33

Totally agree - was a bit worried by the cover as looked very chicklit but loved the book.

Very sad in places - really wasn't expecting where the adoption story line was going. I too found Nana's parts difficult to read despite being northern myself. I just don't think I like books that try to do a dialect. But hey ho.

And the girl's nice boyfriend reminded me of my husband. Which was nice!!

Good choice!

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