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IdrisTheDragon Mon 14-Jan-08 10:27:34

Realised after putting this book down as my choice that seeing as these threads are in Adult Fiction, I may have made a slight error (as it is a travel book). But I have decided to stick with it anyway smile.

It is by Dervla Murphy, an Irish writer. She has travelled around many parts of the world, often by bike (the first book by her I read, Full Tilt, tells of her journey from Dunkirk to Delhi on a bike) but this journey was mainly on foot.

In it, she, and her daughter Rachel, who was six at the time travelled to Baltistan, or Little Tibet. I find her writing descriptive and also leaves me wanting to know more about the places she explores (often places I would never be likely to visit).

I will be interested to see what everyone else thinks smile.

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Vacua Tue 15-Jan-08 09:03:56

yay! I got this today - thank you

new year's res, one of, was to read more non-fiction so an excellent choice! thanks

Vacua Tue 15-Jan-08 17:39:38

have already made a start . . .

IdrisTheDragon Tue 25-Mar-08 09:10:54

Has anyone been reading this book in the past couple of months [hopeful emoticon] smile?

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