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sophiewd Mon 16-Jun-08 08:07:53

Have read and posted but have completely forgoten to write soemthing about it.

I enjoyed it especially the first half but as soon as she went to London I felt that the story was rushed to get it finished and therefore lost out on quite a bit. This is the third of her books that I have read and have enjoyed all of them and all three were different.

I was a bit hmm about the speed that he started both relationships, it was a bit 'Hi, lets go to bed' and didn't he have any knowledge about contraception. Also agree that if he was that a devout catholic then he would have really struggled about not going to mass in America but there was something about the reaction of th epriest that made me think maybe he did.

All in all an easy and good book to read.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 07-May-08 16:41:08

arghhhhh my eyes my eyes

I am only a a third of the way through so had to skim very quickly past the spoilers!

So far...it's a beautifully written book and incredibly poignant regarding the first couple of days of grief.

Now, I ma going to FINISH this book before I look at this thread again grin

ellceeell Fri 21-Mar-08 15:57:17

hmm. I raced through this book, thoroughly enjoyed the first half - and then felt a bit cheated, disappointed.
I guessed about Robert.
The assumption that Kathryn knew what Matties's response to certain things would be actually quite annoyed me (this may say more about me and my teenage daughter than the book, though blush).
Worth reading certainly.

leoleo Thu 21-Feb-08 12:54:11

Stayed up late last night to finish this book. I found it very easy to read and I really enjoyed it.


I found the author’s portrayal of the grief and the moments and days following the crash very poignant. I think she must have experienced this in some way.

I think the way it wasn’t a simple ‘other woman’ story was good and the twists were good. It is hard to believe that someone would be a devout catholic in one life and not at all in another especially considering what he was doing – would go against his religion? (the affair, married twice and not attending mass when home in the states)

I am glad that Robert had an ulterior motive in the beginning and wasn’t a straightforward love interest.

Overall – enjoyable and I would consider reading other books by this author in the future.

leoleo Wed 20-Feb-08 15:05:42

I am really enjoying this book - flying through it really fast. Thought he was having an affair now not so sure . . .

leoleo Sat 16-Feb-08 09:58:05

Recieved yesterday. Finishing book sent last month then will read. smile

thegrowlygus Thu 24-Jan-08 11:16:30

Finished it.


I thought the beginning of the story was excellent. Very well written through the shock and grief of loss but with the added intrigue of little clues that all wasn't quite what it seemed.

But once it all became apparent what had been happening and what was going on I felt that it was just a bit lacking. It just seemed so unlikely that the bloke had not only had a hidden life but also a hidden religion and zeal for a cause that his wife knew nothing at all about. I think I could kind of accept that he had this other life with another woman, but not that he also had a huge belief in something that was so alien to his world with his wife, without letting on to her that there was something going on. Like with his other woman he was a devout Catholic, but not with his wife.

Overall though I really enjoyed the book, very different. And glad I finally got round to reading it!



thegrowlygus Tue 15-Jan-08 09:16:17

Got it today! smile

Strangely I have a similar tale to you - a friend lent me this exact book ages ago and I have never got round to reading it, despite her telling me to repeatedly. Like you, I don't think I would've picked it out. So will read it and see what I think. It seems like an omen!

kslatts Mon 14-Jan-08 09:14:52

I choose this book because I really enjoyed reading it.

I had read one book by the same author previously and didn't really enjoy it, but a friend recommended this one and it was so much better.

It is quite easy to read, I don't think I would have picked this book out in a bookshop, the only reason I read it is because my friend gave me her copy.

I was pleasantly surprised, I hope you are to.

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