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havalina Sat 03-May-08 02:25:06

I really enjoyed this book, stayed up until god knows when to find out what happens. Really easy read and absorbing with a decent storyline and ending. I actually liked the charachters which is a novelty, and I will look out for her work in the future smile

jezzemx Wed 26-Mar-08 23:06:41

I really enjoyed this book. I thought the twists were very clever and the ending was great.
I've just borrowed my SIL's copy of another title by the same author.
Hope it is as good as this one. smile

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 23-Feb-08 14:37:45

Read this yesterday on a return train journey to Manchester. Even though I had read it before it still captured my attention and the twist at the end was still involving, even though I did remember 'who dunnit'.

I liked the central characters, and hope that she is going to write another book with them in so we can out what happens next.

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 21-Feb-08 08:47:40

My turn for this book! I have read it before, but can't remember the story - and do remember that I enjoyed it, so am looking forward to getting down to this at the weekend.

Heifer Thu 31-Jan-08 10:03:13

Glad you enjoyed it spamm. I liked the change in narrator, but agree that sometimes I did have to re-read the odd page to check I understand what was happening.

Let me know if you do read another book by LG.

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spamm Wed 30-Jan-08 13:59:35


Thank you - I finished it last weekend and I really enjoyed it.

A fun, fast read, but with plenty of twists and turns. I knew that the end was not going to be straightforward but naively I did not expect that - do not want to give anything away here.

The only thing I was not sure about was the change in narrator - from I to they and back. Sometimes it worked for me and sometimes it just made me pause and loose the flow of the story, because I had to stop and wonder who we were talking about.

I will definitely keep a look out for anything else by LG.

Heifer Mon 14-Jan-08 08:13:27

I opted for this book because....

It was the best book I had in the house...

I have recently moved and therefore cleared a load of books to the charity shops, but this one I kept as I only just recently finished it and really enjoyed it.

I found that I read it extremely quickly even though it is a little scary I was enjoying it so much that I still read it whilst on my own at night (DH was working away)...

Nothing to heavy but not a click flick either.

Hope you enjoy, if you don't then I hope next months pick is something more up your street... grin

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